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Aero Hand Shield Thermal Protection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Aero Hand Shield Thermal Protection

aero hand shield thermal protection 300x268   Aero Hand Shield Thermal Protection

BreezeBlockers came out with an innovative answer to cold hands with the release of their latest range of aerodynamic bike shields. They are all scientifically tested and proven effective, offering added protection in cold weather.

The Aero Hand Shield Thermal protection is guaranteed to be lightweight and lasting made out from durable recycled materials. It is ergonomically designed to fit all types of handlebars compatible with different widths from 42, 44 and 46 cm handlebars adaptable with Velcro or cable ties.

To reduce drag at the speed of 18 to 24 mph the Aero Hand Shield provides an aerodynamic design. Also offered in its architecture is thermal protection and ergonomics. It is trendy and stylist and is made from carbon fiber/ABS plastic materials weighing only 49 grams and ensures maximum protection from extreme conditions. Now retailing for £19.99 a pair….

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TRP CX9 Cyclocross Brakes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   TRP CX9 Cyclocross Brakes

trp cx9 cyclocross brakes 300x186   TRP CX9 Cyclocross Brakes

TRP’s latest addition to its cyclocross brakes are the CX9. It is a mini V-brake which boasts of superior stopping power.

The TRP CX9 is the latest high end mini V-brakes that has caught the fancy of cyclocross riders and fans as well. It is designed to operate the 90mm machined aluminum arms, titanium hardware road pad brake to easily adapt the spring tensions and screw on each arms.

The CX9 is able to minimize fork shudder and less operational road leverage on any type of terrain. It does not require a longer arm V-brake to create that good bite stoppage with less lever stroke.

The TRP CX9 is within the category of the 147grams per wheel, however, it is much lighter at 160grams–which includes its hardware and compliment accessories, doing away with the front and rear hangers. The system is also very convenient as it has a barrel adjuster…

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2011 Cotic X Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cotic X Cyclocross Bike

cotic x cyclocross bike 1   2011 Cotic X Cyclocross Bike

Cotic now has a new cyclocross offer for 2011 called the ‘X’. The ‘cross bike was initially requested for cyclocross athlete Kate Potter. The first ‘X’ was a Reynolds 853 frame. Doing well at the races, Cotic decided to manufactur a more affordable version of the frame that can cater for race as well as for daily commutes.

The production of the X involved a custom butted heat treated cromoly tubeset but still follows the geometry of the 853 frame. It has a oval top tube, which helps for shouldering, and there are no cable stops. It also features the Cotic wishbone design at the rear with bridgeless chainstays and gussets under the downtube.

The Cotic X has massive tire clearance and CNC machined dropouts. Twin bottle mounts are also a luxury on the bike. The mounts are placed strategically next to the headtube and behind it so you can still…

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Rapha Cross Apparel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Cross Apparel

rapha cross apparel 1   Rapha Cross Apparel

In lieu with cyclocross season, Rapha introduces its Cross Jersey and Cross 3/4 Bib Shorts. It also has an umbrella and cap in its line-up.

The Rapha Cross Jersey is made with lightweight merino fabric, which aids in keeps you dry. It has a racing cut, slim fit design with side panels. Six sizes are offered with reinforced foam pad on the shoulders and pink, red and blue stripes as Rapha’s signature design for the line. The Cross Jersey also has a rear pocket for stowing other valuables and it closes with n O-ring zip. The Cross Jersey also has a drawstring back where you can put it in after use, together with the Cross 3/4 Bib Shorts.

The Rapha Cross 3/4 Bib Shorts uses a lighter version of Rapha’s regular 3/4 bib shorts to accommodate the demands for the sport. It has neoprene padding on the lower back for…

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2011 KHS CX 300 Cross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 KHS CX 300 Cross Bike

2011 khs cx 300 cross bike   2011 KHS CX 300 Cross Bike

New for 2011 is the KHS CX 300. Last year a CX 200 released, but it seems as this model is bumped out (instead a CX 100 is offered, a entry level cross bike).

The 2011 KHS CX 300 cross is race ready and uses a light A7 double butted alloy tubing. Moving towards the front end, KHS used a full carbon monocque fork, FSA Orbit integrated headset with integrated cable hanger, and alloy butted Anatomic handlebars.

A mixture of SRAM and FSA components assist the KHS 2011 CX 300 speed, plus Mavic CXP-22N rims and Kenda Small Block 700x35c tires.

The 2011 CX 300 comes in black/red and is available in XS (49cm), S (52cm), M (56cm), L (58cm) and XL (61cm).

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2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross Bike

2011 santa cruz stigmata cross bike   2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata Cross Bike

Named after the wounds on Christ’s body, Santa Cruz showcased their 2011 Stigmata cross bike at InterBike.

The 2011 Santa Cruz Stigmata is constructed of EA6x aluminum tubing, crafted in the USA, and come with replaceable derailleur hangers.

When the 2011 Stigmata frame hit the scales, it weighed in at 1300 grams. Indeed on the light side, but Santa Cruz made it known that it is still strong and can take the abuse dished at it.

Available only as a frame and fork, the Santa Cruz 2011 Stigmata comes in black, white, lime green, seabright blue, chocolate, red and bare (with glossy clean coat).

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2011 Scott CX Team, Comp Cross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott CX Team, Comp Cross Bike

2011 scott cx team comp cross bike   2011 Scott CX Team, Comp Cross Bike

Scott unleashes three models in its Cyclocross line, two of which are the 2011 Scott CX Team and CX Comp.

Both the 2011 Scott CX Team and Comp cross bikes use the same frame and fork, CX 6061 alloy double butted, and alloy-carbon fork.

The differences between the 2011 CX Team and Comp are the drivetrains. The CX Team features Shimano Ultegra, FSA Gossamer crankset, and TRP brakes. The CX Comp has Shimano 105 / Tiagra mix (same crankset), and Tektro CX Brakes.

Overall weight for CX Team and Comp are different, with the Team weighing in at 20.04 pounds, and the Comp at 22.03 pounds.

Retail price for the 2011 Scott CX Team is $2,799.95, and the 2011 Comp comes in at $1,799.95.

2011 Scott CX
2011 Scott CX Team

2011 Scott CX Comp

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