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Cadaix Skean Top Tube Protector

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cadaix Skean Top Tube Protector

skean top tube protector   Cadaix Skean Top Tube Protector

Cadaix has announced the finished product on their Skean Top Tube Protector. For those that are curious on what it does, it eliminates shock and wraps around the frames top tube that also protects against damage, just in case your handlebar and frame have an abrupt meeting. Available in either black or clear white, retail price is around $17 for one.

Source: Bike Rumor

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Supernova E3 Dynamo Lights

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Supernova E3 Dynamo Lights

supernova e3 dynamo lights   Supernova E3 Dynamo Lights

Supernova, who produces products for bike riding and other tidbits has updated their catalog for 2010, including a lineup of new safety lights. Known as the Supernova E3 Dynamo Lights, improvements are noticeable with E3 Pro that offers 275 lumens and glare free lens. Due to updating, the stand light capacitor allows a brighter light at lower speeds, and less “flickering”. Retail is about $114.

Source: Bike Radar

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Legos Help Safe Cycling

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Legos Help Safe Cycling

Public service announcements continue to get more interesting, for instance the new Lego’s commercial brought to you by Using stop motion filming, the commercial shows a Lego figure hit on the street, and easily putting itself back together. To sum it up, if you get hit you will not be as lucky as the Lego man. Creative, and cool, we hope many learn from this. This commercial was made for New York city, due to the one way streets and not able to ride on sidewalks.

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Cinelli Bootleg B-Belt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Bootleg B Belt

cinelli bootleg b belt   Cinelli Bootleg B Belt

Here’s an interesting accessory; the Cinelli Bootleg B-Belt. It is a belt, made with… a flat inner tube! A very creative design on Cinelli’s part, this belt would be really cool to have. Its solid black, as you would imagine, and the buckle features Cinelli’s “winged C” on it. It also has “BOOTLEG” and other words printed on the outside of the Cinelli Bootleg B-Belt.

Via Cinelli….

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Chain Ring Earrings

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chain Ring Earrings

chain ring earrings   Chain Ring Earrings

If you are a die hard cyclist that loves the newest trend or product, you might want to take a second look at the chain ring earrings by Spoke Punchers. At a reasonable price of $15, the chain ring earrings are large, and actually seem like they could cut your neck, while the material used is laser cut plexi. Available in black, two sizes released; small and large.

Source: Spoke Punchers

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Brompton “A” Messenger Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brompton A Messenger Bag

brompton a messenger bag   Brompton A Messenger Bag

At Interbike 2009, Brompton displayed one of their new bags, the Brompton “A” Messenger Bag. The “A” stands for Attache, and its made from leather in a nice, briefcase-looking style. The Brompton “A” Messenger Bag features internal dividers to help keep your things in order. The outside of the bag is nice looking, smooth brown leather, and the inside sports a nice blue coloring. The bag also comes with a nice leather carrying strap, with matching colors. Its made in Spain, and should be available come January.

Via Bike Rumor.

Brompton “A” Messenger Bag

Brompton “A” Messenger Bag…

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Cannondale Hydrono Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Hydrono Jacket

cannondale hydrono jacket   Cannondale Hydrono Jacket

For bike commuters and hardcore cyclists who train no matter what the weather conditions are, what you wear becomes really important. The Cannondale Hydrono Jacket is made just for such circumstances. It is a seam-sealed, two layer jacket. It’s made from two layer laminate fabric that’s waterproof as well as windproof. The Cannondale Hydrono Jacket’s weatherproof front zipper keeps the elements out so you can get the most of your training, or stay dry and comfortable on your way to work. The Cannondale Hydrono Jacket has a retail price of $99.99, and you can buy it at the CannondaleC online store….

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