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Sman Cruiser Retro Wooden Bikes

sman cruiser retro wooden bikes   Sman Cruiser Retro Wooden Bikes

For a unique ride, check out Sman Cruisers. The bikes are retro in style and built primary from wood.

Great for city rides, much of what Sman Cruisers has to offer comes with a natural wood look. Arnolt Van Der Sman, the designer behind these natural beauties, uses ash and beach wood as his choice of building materials. The wood is topped with twelve layers of lacquer.

Stylish yet vintage in appeal, the Sman Cruisers are a great choice for cruisers looking for something different.

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2012 Gazelle Medeo Excellent Hybrid Bike

2012 gazelle medeo excellent hybrid bike   2012 Gazelle Medeo Excellent Hybrid Bike

One of the best hybrid bikes on the market today is the new Medeo Excellent released by Gazelle Bicycles for 2012. With some minor changes, this all-round bike is designed to be a highly competent and convenient machine for urban riding.

Highlights of the Medeo Excellent include higher specced brakes, a slicker and lighter gear system, aFür Immer Schluss Mit Vorzeitiger Ejak-ulation!nd a suspended saddle. With a geometry that guarantees a stable ride, this city bike is fully equipped with specs that offer maximum comfort and reliable performance.

With derailleur gears, the 2012 Gazelle Medeo Excellent Hybrid Bike guarantees great performance in hill climbing, daily commuting, and longer-distance rides. On the other hand, its low-maintenance hub brakes offer better control.

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Bianchi by Gucci 2012 Bike and Accessory Line

2012 bianchi by gucci bike and accessory line   Bianchi by Gucci 2012 Bike and Accessory Line

Bianchi and the fashionable Gucci team up for a small bicycle line in 2012.

Two models will be available at select Gucci retail stores, both built for the city with the black carbon fiber monocoque model being able to handle a bit of off-roading.

Each model uses a Binachi frame dressed in a Gucci green-red-green web stripe. Aside from that, aesthetics are minimal, raising the question if these designer bikes are worth the US$14,000 they cost.

There is also a few Gucci bike accessories to pair with the Bianchi by Gucci 2012 Line. Check’em out after the fold.

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GloBars: Handlebars that Glow by Mitchell Silva

globars handlebars that glow by mitchell silva   GloBars: Handlebars that Glow by Mitchell Silva

Visibility is very important to designer Mitchell Silva, the man behind this cool invention coined GloBars.

The handlebars are composed of LED lights that are powered by a watch battery, allowing them to light up. Easy but effective concept if you ask us!

At the moment it is in its prototype stages. Hopefully with a little bit of luck, we’ll see a general release.

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Early Winter Night Biking Gloves

early winter night biking gloves   Early Winter Night Biking Gloves

There’s always another reason to buy a good pair of cycling gloves. And when coming across the Early Winter Night Biking Gloves, it doesn’t take much to be totally sold.

As illustrated, the wool gloves feature an LED arrow on each upper palm to increase visibility in low-light when signaling. Warm and stylish, the gloves are also built touch-phone friendly with conductive fingertip areas.

The gloves are currently available in limited quantities, but there’s a push for boosting production as its design has been highly praised.

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2012 Whyte Stirling Commuter Road Bike

2012 whyte stirling commuter road bike   2012 Whyte Stirling Commuter Road Bike

One of the trusted names when it comes to hybrid bikes is Whyte Bikes, and for 2012, this popular brand has released a new commuter road bike called Stirling. Combining the comfort of an urban bike and the strength of an off-road bike, this is the ultimate all-around machine.

For high speed stability, the Stirling features a relaxed head angle as well as a long wheelbase. For agile, slow-speed, maneuverability, this bike has a shorter stem. Other amazing features include viagra canada pharmacy its SRAM drivetrain, Maxxis Detonator tires, and Avid Elixir hydraulic disc brakes .

With its topnotch mountain bike-based geometry, the 2012 Whyte Stirling Commuter Road Bike is one of the toughest machines for urban riding. Its toughness is perfectly matched with a responsive and comfortable feel, making it a great companion for commuters.
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2012 Dawes Diamond 20in Folding Bike

2012 dawes diamond 20in folding bike   2012 Dawes Diamond 20in Folding Bike

Dawes Cycles has launched a new affordable machine for commuters in 2012. Named Diamond, this compact 20in folding bike is a handy companion for those who commute on a daily basis. While its weight has been made as low as possible, its reliable strength is still maintained.

Storing the Diamond in the office or on a train is hassle-free as its red folding frame is designed to collapse very easily. Its Shimano three-speed Nexus gearing system guarantees a smooth urban ride while its Hi-tensile steel unicrown fork makes it even stronger.

For commuters who are looking for a simple but stylish bike, the 2012 Dawes Diamond 20in Folding Bike is a great pick. In order to make sure that it maintains its right position when riding, this folding bike is built with a three-point locking mechanism.

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