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One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie

one industries rockstar ladies zip hoodie   One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie

We at Bike Reviews know that there are just as many female cycling enthusiasts out there as there are male, so here we feature the Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie from One Industries. It comes in a white color way with gray diagonal stripes throughout, with the “Double R” Rockstar logo in the center. There is also a Rockstar logo on the right sleeve. The One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie features a fur lined hood to keep the head and neck warm, and comes in small, medium, or large. The One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie is available for purchase at Chain Reaction Cycles for $57.45….

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UK Cracking Down on Cyclists Who Listen to MP3 Players

uk cracking down on cyclists who listen to mp3 players   UK Cracking Down on Cyclists Who Listen to MP3 Players

To many a cyclist, riding without an mp3 player is leaving home without your wallet. Music really helps to pass time, not to mention it makes your cycling adventures that much more fun when you’re blasting your favorite tunes and rolling down the road. However, this topic is being brought up in a negative way by the UK’s mainstream press. The Times has said that AA president Edmund King had called for a campaign which warns riders against using mp3 players while riding. The article speaks of “iPod zombies” that have “become the latest menace on Britain’s roads,” saying that listening to music is responsible for a rise in cycling collisions and accidents. It is clearly important to be able to see and hear your surroundings for your safety, but this may be a bit of overkill. Currently, the UK has no law banning…

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Ravx Opti-Bar X4 Handlebar Light

ravx opti bar x4 handlebar light   Ravx Opti Bar X4 Handlebar Light

The Ravx Opti-Bar X4 Light goes right on your handlebars, and uses a 3 watt LED light with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. With a simple setup unlike other rechargeable lights where you have to run cables, or those battery operated lights, the Ravx Opti-Bar X4 Handlebar Light recharges in 2 and a half hours. Pumping out 120 lumens, you can use the light for 3 – 24 hours depending on the mode you have it on which are high beam, low beam, and flashing. Lastly, the light is made of CNC alloy.

Source: Ravx

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Student Biking Drunk Banned from Cycling for 15 Years

student biking drunk banned cycling 15 years   Student Biking Drunk Banned from Cycling for 15 Years

Christoper Felix Hahn, a student at the theater science in Gießen located in Germany was just banned from cycling for 15 years, which also includes riding a skateboard or any other unlicensed vehicle. So you might wonder what this young man did to have such a harsh punishment, well he was caught riding his bike drunk. It is a crime in the United States and throughout the world to ride a bike drunk, but being banned from riding a bike for 15 years is extreme. After leaving a party early in the mourning in June 2008, he was confronted by local police who administered a breathalyzer, and he was three times the legal limit (Hahn’s blood alcohol level was 0.171%, the legal limit in Germany is 0.05%). He then paid a $700 fine, and had to wait for his record to clear before receiving…

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Jiro Belt

jiro belt   Jiro Belt

The Jiro Belt is a one-of-a-kind belt that’s made in Italy. They come in many different styles and colors, with one thing in common; they are made with used bicycle tires! How’s that for recycling? The Jiro Belt retails for about $45, and there are even custom options available to suit your tastes. Check out for details or to purchase.

Via Urban Velo.

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Fretsche Swiss Redesigned Bicycles

fretsche swiss redesigned bicycles   Fretsche Swiss Redesigned Bicycles

Thomas Neeser diploma project entailed true art that many of us can appreciate and take interest too, taking vintage bicycles and redesigning them to look creative and nothing like you will see on the street. Thomas attended the Zürich’s University of Art and Design, and has since continued his project creating the bikes under Fretsche for other people. When you stop by his website, you will see the different bicycles he has reformed, and if you hover over them you can see the original version.

Source: Copenhagenize

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Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket

ground effect flash gordon jacket   Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket

The Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket is a waterproof jacket that will keep you dry and warm while you’re out training in harsh weather. The sleeves can come off of the Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket, making it double as a vest. It also features a fleece lined collar, reflective trim, thumb loops, and a zipped rear pocket. It comes in a light green color way, ensuring that motorists can see you at night time. A lightweight 2.5 layer HydroFoil fabric ensures breathability. The Ground Effect Flash Gordon Jacket retails for $149.

Via BikeRadar….

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