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Tunebug Shake: A Helmet Mountable Speaker

tunebug shake a helmet mountable speaker   Tunebug Shake: A Helmet Mountable Speaker The Shake, a helmet mountable speaker, was engineered for cyclists by a small innovative consumer electronics company, Tunebug.

Shake is a speaker that aims to offer a safer alternative for cyclists who listen to headphones while riding. By giving its users a surround sound experience without drowning out alerting noises coming from their environment, Shake enables its listeners to avoid potential dangers, otherwise missed when using headphones.

Tunebug’s water resistant portable speaker works with iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, or when used wirelessly via Bluetooth. It features a touch-sensitive on/off and volume up/down control, which could be difficult to operate from its mounting position. Shake mounts to most helmets at an unnoticeable weight to riders.

The device is set to release at the February. With a pre-order price point of $119.95, safety couldn’t be more affordable. …

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Peugeot Bikes Returns in 2010

peugeot bikes returns 2010   Peugeot Bikes Returns in 2010

Peugeot Bikes will make a comeback and start releasing different types of bikes due to their recent partnership with Cycleurope. As you may know, Peugeot has been off the market since 2002, and the 2010 models will release later this year in the Spring. The first release by Peugeot is called the “Collectors” which will consist of four models, a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid and city bike. The colors will come in white/black which is linked back to Peugeot’s success with the Tour de France. The range of Peugeot Bikes will make their first debut at the 2010 Eurobike event. Distribution of the line will be available through Cycleurope’s dealers which is in Europe, Asia, Japan and South America. France will have the bikes available through 450 Velo and Oxygen outlets. Lastly you can purchase one…

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Bike Infrastructure Concept by Martin Angelov

bike infrastructure concept by martin angelov   Bike Infrastructure Concept by Martin AngelovAn architect by the name of Martin Angelov drafted a unique cost effective bicycle transportation system.

The bike infrastructure, which hovers city streets, is made of metal polls and lots of cable. Angelov’s design sought to serve as a cost effective approach to accommodate cyclists in their search for a safer commute, away from roads ruled by dangerous drivers.

The concept cable guided bike commuting system would features a metal track for both wheels to travel on. To help avoid a fatal fall, commuters would attach their bikes to the infrastructures cable system.

Though interesting, Angelov’s bike infrastructure ideas will unlikely satisfy the majority for many obvious reasons that we won’t go into. At the least, however, we can marvel at his creative imagination.

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GMC Granite Concept SUV Holds Full Size Bike

gmc granite concept suv holds full size bike   GMC Granite Concept SUV Holds Full Size Bike With the 2010 Detroit Auto Show underway, it was only a matter of time before a bike-friendly concept vehicle would hit the web.

One of the first concepts spotted that marketed towards cycling was the GMC Granite, a compact SUV with big storage space. The GMC Granite, strictly a concept vehicle at the moment, features folding seats and suicide doors. In tandem, the seats and doors allow a full size bike easy entry with both wheels intact.

If GMC’s bike-friendly concept goes into production, you can expect it to come equipped with front wheel drive, powered by a turbo charged 1.4L inline four cylinder engine.

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Police: Vegas Bicyclist Dies After Being Shot Multiple Times

vegas bicyclist dies after multiple gun shots   Police: Vegas Bicyclist Dies After Being Shot Multiple TimesAccording to as Vegas Metro police on Wednesday, a 59 year-old man was shot to death on a bike ride home from the grocery store. The identity of the victim hasn’t been released yet.

Shortly after arriving at University Medical Center, the cyclist was pronounced dead.

The shooting occurred near Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley Drive Tuesday night. No motive is present at this time, officials stated. What is known it that the man was leaving a local Albertsons before being gunned down.

If you have any info regarding what appears to be a random act of murder, please contact Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 or the Las Vegas police Homicide Section at (702) 828-3521….

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LA Road Rage Doctor Gets Five Years

la road rage doctor gets five years   LA Road Rage Doctor Gets Five Years

After deliberately slamming on his brakes and injuring two cyclists, Dr. Christopher Thompson has been sentenced to five years in prison. He was found guilty back in November of six felonies, assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious bodily injury, reckless driving causing specified bodily injury, and mayhem. He was given two years for the offense, with three extra years added because of the “great bodily injury” suffered by cyclist Ron Peterson. Judge Scott T. Millington of the Los Angeles County Superior Court said that Thompson had lacked remorse during the trial. He also said that the case was a “wake up call” to both motorists and cyclists….

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Token Pista-RV Single Speed Bike

token pista rv single speed bike   Token Pista RV Single Speed Bike

New from Token Bikes is the Pista-RV, a light and fast single speed (or fixed gear) bike. Information and specific details are not known, but what information we have thus far is all components (including the frame) is in house made by Token, which includes TK9930 frame, TK9641ATP wheelset, TK2051 crankset, and TK974AK drop handlebars. Token retailers should have this model soon if not already, but the retail price is not known just yet.

Source: Pedalconsumption

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