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Nubrella: Better Hands-Free Umbrella Coverage

nubrella better hands free umbrella coverage1   Nubrella: Better Hands Free Umbrella Coverage

Nubrella Inc. is the manufacturer of a hands-free umbrella that promises its users a dryer experience in unfavorable weather conditions. The bubble shaped umbrella allows business to continue. Tasks such as carrying groceries, cellphone usage, commuting by bicycle, etc. are made possible with Nubrella.

The design of Nubrella’s new-age umbrella keeps it from inverting in windy environments. The absence of pointy poles that make up the traditional umbrella deems the Nubrella a safer weather guard.

The lightweight Nubrella breaks down into an over the shoulder carrying case. It comes in all clear ($39.99) and clear/black ($45.00).

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Bagjack x Stone Island Shadow 2010 Messenger Backpack

bagjack stone island shadow 2010 messenger backpack   Bagjack x Stone Island Shadow 2010 Messenger Backpack

The third installment from Stone Island Shadow is yet another collaboration with Bagjack, a messenger bag that acts as a backpack or briefcase (and of course a messenger bag). The Bagjack x Stone Island Shadow 2010 Messenger Backpack will act as a backpack if you have the lid zipped and straps across your chest, if you leave the lid zip open you have a messenger bag, and if you have the lid flipped towards the back covering the strap system you have a briefcase. The Bagjack x Stone Island Shadow comes in a medium size, so its a bit smaller than the messenger bag offered by the company. Retail is 499 EUR.

Source: The Glade

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Mission Workshop The Rummy Roll Top Messenger Bag

mission workshop the rummy roll top messenger bag   Mission Workshop The Rummy Roll Top Messenger Bag

Mission Workshop shows us their newest messenger bag, the Rummy Roll Top, which is built with urethane coated Cordura, which is said to be indestructible. Mission Workshop The Rummy Roll Top Messenger Bag uses a reversible shoulder strap, hide away buckles, and custom metal hardware so you can adjust with one hand. The Rummy roll top closure acts as a standard flap, and is storm proof for the days of bad weather. Available in March 2010.

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Bike-Friendly Nirve Portable MP3 Speaker

bike friendly nirve portable MP3 speaker   Bike Friendly Nirve Portable MP3 Speaker

The Nirve Portable MP3 Speaker is a cost effective way for cycling around town with tunes safely.

At 207 X 98 X 78mm, the light portable MP3 speaker minimizes occupancy anywhere it’s mounted. It runs off of 4 AAA batteries for approximately 7 hours of continuous play time. The quality of sound is fair for its price. Sound is projected at its users rather than being lost to its environment.

The mountable speaker connects through a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, making computability no issue. To adjust the volume, however, access can be difficult due to no external controls.

At $24.99, we say it’s a buy….

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World Record for Longest Bicycle Wheelie Might Belong to Teenage Boy

world record for longest bicycle wheelie might belong to teenage boy   World Record for Longest Bicycle Wheelie Might Belong to Teenage Boy

Aaron Stannage, from Barnsley in South Yorkshire has completed more than 8-miles around the John Charles Stadium in Leeds, while Genius World Record officials observed.

The 14-year-old boy believes that his attempt at a world record wheelie was the first.

As Stannage made his way around the stadium on one wheel, music by Linkin Park and the Prodigy kept him occupied for the hour it took. Over 90 laps were recorded before he let his front wheel down.

Stannage, whose father is a stunt man, awaits the officials’ decisions, which is a few weeks away. …

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Sacramento Ranks 4th in U.S. for Bicycle Commuting

sacramento ranks 4th u s bicycle commuting   Sacramento Ranks 4th in U.S. for Bicycle Commuting

Bike Reviews’ hometown, Sacramento, California, ranks 4th in the United States for bicycle commuting according to a national survey published by American Bicyclist. The trend of people riding to and from work, shopping, and other destinations has grown, even the stores have caught on by making it easier to lock your bike up. Some may credit this to the economy which can be true, but for many this is a lifestyle.

Sacramento ranks first in California for bicycle commuting (ties with San Francisco) compared to the 70 largest cities, while ranking 4th in the nation. Locals riding bicycles from the year 2000 to 2008 has jumped 101%. On a national level, the three other locations ranking above Sacramento are Portland Oregon (1st), Minneapolis (2nd), and Seattle (3rd). …

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Lance Armstrong Attracts 5,000 Cyclists from Twitter

lance armstrong attracts 5000 cyclists twitter   Lance Armstrong Attracts 5,000 Cyclists from Twitter

Lance Armstrong and Robbie McEwen held a impromptu ride on Saturday in Australia that brought 5,000 cyclists due to Lance Armstrong’s announcement of the ride on the micro blogging platform Twitter. Lance Armstrong has organized many events in the past, but he was shocked to see the turn out.

“I personally don’t think that anyone will top the turnout we had today. That was a huge amount of people,” Armstrong said. “The field stretched for kilometers and kilometers … when we turned back there were just streams of people.” Said Lance Armstrong.

Cyclists came together at Wigley Reserve right outside of Adelaide where Tour Down Under will start next week, and from their followed Lance Armstrong and Robbie McEwen to Semaphore Park and back, about a 19 mile ride. A few crashes did take place, but injuries to those were not serious.

“It was chaos, but controlled…

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