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TimBuk2 Mavericks Messenger Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   TimBuk2 Mavericks Messenger Bag

timbuk2 mavericks messenger bag   TimBuk2 Mavericks Messenger Bag

2010 is a strong year for TimBuk2, we have previewed the new classic messenger bag and the Product Red, but now we are showcasing the Mavericks messenger bag. The TimBuk2 Mavericks Messenger Bag is the first from the company that is 100% waterproof while combining the classic messenger design, but adding waterproof nylon making sure your goods stay dry. Available in the popular medium size, three colors are available: blue, yellow and grey. Retail price is $150.

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Electra Bikes iPhone App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Electra Bikes iPhone App

electra bikes iphone app   Electra Bikes iPhone App

Our friends at Electra Bikes has introduced a new iPhone App that includes 6 Electra collections, download wallpapers, plus you can find a local retailer. One of the best parts of the Electra Bikes iPhone App is the lifestyle portion, where people that own a Electra bike can take pictures and upload them to share with the Electra Way to Roll community. The app is not only available for the iPhone, but for iPods and the new iPad. You can download now for free, have fun.

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Organic Bikes Made From Bamboo

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Organic Bikes Made From Bamboo

organic bikes made from bamboo   Organic Bikes Made From Bamboo

We all know that compared to driving a car around, riding a bicycle is more beneficial to our health, as well as the environment. Bicycles have enjoyed a reputation for being eco-friendly, and deservedly so. However, people so far have only focused on the environmental impact between driving a car or riding your bike.

This time around, the concept of being ‘eco-friendly’ is taken one step further with the development of organic bamboo bikes. Yes, folks, you read it correctly. The company that designs and builds these bamboo bikes is fittingly called Organic Bikes, and they have taken the idea of a ‘green’ bicycle a step beyond what the industry has currently offered.

According to their website, these organic bicycles are made by replacing most of the alloy tubing that is used for building other bicycles, and replacing it with bamboo. The company claims that aside from…

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UK Women Petition for Safer Roads

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UK Women Petition for Safer Roads

uk women petition for safer roads   UK Women Petition for Safer Roads

9,000 women in the United Kingdom have signed and delivered a petition to Transport Minister Sadiq Khan. Their request? Better safety conditions for cyclists on British roads.

The Motion for Women was launched last year in September, and the 9,000-strong signed petition was finally delivered this week to the House of Commons by cyclists Terry Cassels and Rachael Wood. Copies were also sent to the National Assemblies of Scotland and Wales.

The petition was born out of the results of a survey by Sustrans, a sustainable transport charity. The results showed that around 79% of the women in the United Kingdom never ride on bicycles. The number one reason for this, according to the survey, was that the women respondents “did not feel safe”.

Rachael Wood emphasized the necessity of removing this “fear factor” out of the equation, saying that this is critical to be able to encourage…

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Timbuk2 Product Red Messenger Bag 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Timbuk2 Product Red Messenger Bag 2010

timbuk2 product red messenger bag 2010   Timbuk2 Product Red Messenger Bag 2010

Timbuk2 is another company on board for (Product) Red, a global fund helping fight AIDS in Africa. As you might assume, the Timbuk2 Product Red Messenger Bag 2010 is a special edition, while using Timbuk2 classic design to help by donating 5% of sales of this product to PRODUCT Red. Featuring a Product Red racing stripe, Product Red true fit cam belt, ballistic nylon, Waterproof TPU liner, internal organizer, vista loop to attach lights, and nylon strap. Made in San Francisco, retail price is $95, and only Medium size messenger bags are available.

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Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag 2010

timbuk2 classic messenger bag 2010   Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag 2010

Timbuk2 brings back their classic messenger bag with some updates for 2010, which includes an improved cam buckle, side entry pocket, three zipper front organizer, and a slash pocket. Starting about 20 years ago, the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag 2010 features durable ballistic nylon exterior, waterproof TPU liner, new compression straps located at the bottom of the bag so you can make more room in your bag, and a red key tether clips your keys in place. One of the best factors of the new Timbuk2 Classic messenger bag is the color options, which you have 10 different styles to choose from, including 3 tone to solid colors. Size range is XS to XL, and starting retail price is $70, but will go up with size.

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Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

puma x vexed cycling hoodie2   Puma x Vexed Cycling Hoodie

Puma and Vexed have partnered up to bring urban cyclists a hoodie that offers riders face protections from the bitter cold. The all black hoodie features a full face mask with a removable filters. The hoodie also incorporated reflective piping for safety. To guard against water that’s been kicked up from riding or falling rain, a special flap was integrated into the design of the hoodie by its two manufacturers.

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