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Cyclists Enjoy Street Poetry in Lisbon

cyclists enjoy street poetry lisbon   Cyclists Enjoy Street Poetry in Lisbon

Somewhere in Lisbon, Portugal there is an unprecedented literary work of art on display along the banks of the Tagus River. There lies a bicycle lane with poetry printed on the asphalt. An excerpt from the poem “The Keeper of Sheep” penned by Fernando Pessoa is the thought-provoking poem painted on the lane in large bold letters.

I never kept sheep,
But it is as I did watch over them.
My soul is like a shepherd,
Knows the wind and the sun,
And goes hand in hand with the Seasons

Cyclists who love to ride along the river banks alone or in a group, now have a poem to keep them company. This refreshing idea makes you ponder on life experiences and more as you ride your bike. It also adds a modern take to the panoramic view of the river.

An excellent concept on making art and exercise…

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CatEye’s Hybrid Lights the Way

cateye’s hybrid lights the way   CatEye’s Hybrid Lights the Way

Every nightrider needs a dependable bike light after the sun sets. Therefore, we’d like to highlight CatEye’s Hybrid: A dual-powered mountable bike light.

Its design allows its user the option of running it on alkaline battery or solar energy, which is stored in a nickel-metal hydride battery. This “green” solution translates into an echo-friendly method for lighting the trails at night.

Winner of the Eurobike Award 2009, the Hybrid has a battery life of 6 hours using the solar cell and 30 hours from an alkaline battery. It also offers constant and flashing modes. The light can be easily mounted to any bike via the FlexTight bracket.

The CatEye Hybrid is an option worth exploring when lighting is key. Its innovative design is sure to increase time spent on the saddle for cyclists looking to ride from dusk till dawn. …

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BarBra – Keeping Cyclists Warm During the Winters

barbra keeping cyclists warm during winters   BarBra   Keeping Cyclists Warm During the Winters

Hamish Greenland, a cyclists that is tortured by the cold weather in Toronto came up with a idea to keep your hands and wrists warm, while keeping your handlebars and brake levers dry. The result is known as the BarBra, which easily slips over your handlebars, fastens with Velcro straps, while reflective stripes are wrapped around making sure you are safe. Some might find this product “a bit much”, due to the fact you can simply wear gloves to avoid the cold, but as you know sometimes it is harder to shift with larger gloves. The BarBra also deflects wind, so now you can wear thinner gloves and still keep your hands warm. Retail price is $29.

Source: Treehugger

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Firefly Bicycle Light Nominated for Major Global Award

firefly bicycle light nominated major global award   Firefly Bicycle Light Nominated for Major Global Award

Firefly is a light placed at the rear of your bicycle which shines with approaching traffic, while lighting up the road plus yourself. This nifty little invention has been nominated for a major global award.

Designed by James Morton, a design student from Australia put together the Firefly bicycle light using a infrared sensor that detects traffic behind you, while the light shines brighter the closer the vehicle gets, and uses LEDs to light the rider and the road around. James Morton’s design has been shortlisted in the Australian International Design Awards.


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Nike Sportswear NSW 2010 Messenger Bag

nike sportswear nsw 2010 messenger bag   Nike Sportswear NSW 2010 Messenger Bag

Apart of Nike Sportswear 2010 Spring collection is a bike messenger bag, what some might find a bit attractive. The Nike Sportswear NSW 2010 Messenger Bag is made of 78% nylon and 22% Leather, while utilizing a seamless design and laser cut panels. Zippers are waterproof, which will come in handy when cycling in the rain. Available in large, which measures 60 x 37 x 21cm, and comes in a grey/red color scheme. Retail price is about $258 USD.

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Sigma Sport Micro Safety Lights

sigma sport micro safety lights   Sigma Sport Micro Safety Lights

Sigma Sport introduces a new Micro Safety light with 10 different colors to choose, while each uses either a white or red LED. The Sigma Sport Micro Safety Lights has two light modes, solid or flashing, while emitting a large amount of light due to their special optics. A Velcro strap is present so you can easily attached to your handlebars or other location on your bike. Retail price is $9.99.

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Cateye Hybrid HL-EL020 Handlebar Light

cateye hybrid hl el020 handlebar light   Cateye Hybrid HL EL020 Handlebar Light

Saving energy and battery life is the main goal on the Cateye Hybrid HL-EL020 Handlebar Light. How does the Cateye Hybrid light sustain this? It stores solar energy in the rechargeable battery, but no need to worry about running out of solar power, because the Cateye Hybrid holds a AA battery just in case you need a backup plan. You can utilize both light sources up to 36 hours, and you can choose if you want to use solar or the battery. On top of the handlebar light you will see a blue light when your using solar power, and a orange light if you are using the battery. Retail price is $60.

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