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Nite Ize SpokeLit LED Safety Light

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nite Ize SpokeLit LED Safety Light

nite ize spokelit led safety light 300x283   Nite Ize SpokeLit LED Safety LightIf you are a cyclist, it is important for you to be safe along the road with the help of different safety items like the reflector light. These are good items that will protect you from potential accidents especially if you want to be safe at night.

Maximizing your safety is possible by using Nite Ize SpokeLit LED Safety Light for Bike Wheels. Most of the time, putting reflector lights on your bike’s frame is not enough so it is better if you will place it on the wheels itself. The good thing about this LED light is that they will stay in place upon installation. This means that no matter how your wheels move, it will remain in place.

Another feature of Nite Ize SpokeLit LED Safety Light is that they will fit the common spoke wheels available in the market. So if you have these…

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Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet

schwinn artemis adult women micro bicycle helmet 300x225   Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle HelmetIt is true that cycling is a very enjoyable sport. However, it does not mean that you will take your safety for granted. With this, one of the first protective items that you should get is a helmet. One of the helmets available in the market is the Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet.

The main feature of this helmet is that it has 21 air vents that will make you feel very comfortable even during hot weather season. This is because these vents will allow proper air circulation that will keep you from too much sweating.

Another feature of this helmet is that it will fit every user perfectly because of its strap system. In this way, the user will not have any problems in wearing them or falling off while cycling.

The next feature that gives the user additional protection is its reflective…

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Chrome Arnhem Chukka Boot

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chrome Arnhem Chukka Boot

the chukka boot from chrome arnhem   Chrome Arnhem Chukka Boot

Have you been hesitant of getting some shoes you can use for your cycling activities thinking that you won’t be able to use it for daily use? Well, here’s good news from Chrome Arnhem. Their black suede chukka boot is the perfect pair of shoes which you can wear whether for casual walking or riding your bike.

The primary goal of the shoes is to make pedaling easier as you cycle and still make it comfortable enough to wear on casual days. This Chrome Arnhem shoes is very long lasting for it can endure any kind of possible tearing or ripping along the way.

Experts say that one of the innovative innovations of this cycling shoe brand is the absence of the usual toe box stitching. With its suede leather material too, you can be sure that it would last a year or maybe even more with you despite regular use…

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Showers Pass Portland Cap Limited Edition

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Showers Pass Portland Cap Limited Edition

showers pass features portland cap limited edition   Showers Pass Portland Cap Limited EditionAny person fond of cycling, whether expert or not, should bear a wide range of knowledge on the proper cycling gear to wear or bring. There are lots of important cycling apparel kinds and one of the most crucial is to have something to cover your head with.

Weather is unexpected as usual even during cycling tours and journeys. In fact even if winter has just ended and you expect a beautiful spring, you should still be prepared with what the unusual weather can bring you. Sunglasses would always be a cyclist’s best friend but also a durable cap to cover your head is necessary.

Showers Pass is a known company capable of offering cycling products, particularly caps to keep the cyclist on the go despite any kind of weather. To have originated from the rainy part of the Pacific Northwest, they are really used to the surprise…

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Lightweight Sugoi Zap Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lightweight Sugoi Zap Jacket

the lightweight sugoi zap jacket   Lightweight Sugoi Zap Jacket

Nothing can make any cyclist feel more protected from the winds or any kind of outdoor element but with a dependable jacket that you can wear. Under Sugoi’s shell collection, here comes Zap – a lightweight jacket which can help any cyclist improve one’s cycling performance and offer reflective features with a cut that is highly comfortable.

If you happen to be a night time rider, then you would find the reflective stripes of this jacket very ideal for you to wear. Then if you are someone who is very conscious with having a high fashion sense, then you would also be glad with the Zap since it comes with not just one color but also other options that you might personally prefer.

Its body sizing is very comfortable and convenient as well since it easily follows the contour of any body and the length of its sleeves are very…

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CamelBak Geary Daypack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   CamelBak Geary Daypack

the geary daypack from camelbak   CamelBak Geary Daypack

Do you cycle for fun, for commuting or for sport? Well, no matter what the purpose, it can quite sure that you have some stuff you need to carry with you each time you are set out to ride, right? So here comes a new daypack bag from CamelBak which you can use for a variety of functions.

The CamelBak Geary Daypack measures about 2100 cubic inches. It is ideally meant for those who ride to work since one of its best features is its internal pouch which is perfect to place a laptop in. The entire pouch will help in holding it secure against your back making it sensible to put the largest and heaviest item in that section. Full protection is also offered to your stuff with its complete presence of pads. 

If on the other hand, you would be out for the weekend, then it is also a perfect…

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Sigma Mirage Evo + Evo X Pro Combo Headlights

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sigma Mirage Evo + Evo X Pro Combo Headlights

lighting your path with sigma mirage evo evo x pro combo headlights   Sigma Mirage Evo + Evo X Pro Combo Headlights

It is inevitable for bikers to ride during night time.  Because of this, bike manufacturers make a number of items that will keep people safe during night time cycling like lights and reflective items.  Among the many lights available in the market is Sigma Mirage Evo + Evo X Pro Combo headlights.

The good thing about this headlight is that Sigma was made to be capable of emitting high levels of luminosity.  This is because aside from emitting light because it is powered by NiMH battery, it has a free-form reflector technology that adds up to its luminosity.  With this, you are assured to get the brightest light possible that can light up your path during night cycling.  This will not only keep you safe from possible road obstructions but also from colliding with other bikers. 

In terms of installation, Sigma Mirage Combo headlights will give you a simple installation procedure without…

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