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FlashBak Lighting System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FlashBak Lighting System

flashBak lighting system1   FlashBak Lighting System

The FlashBak Lighting System is a heavy duty nylon strap with 10 flashing LEDs embedded in it. Its functions are aimed at increasing safety on the road. The safety device has four clips, one on each corner, that are attached to elastic cords .

The FlashBak is powered by three AAA batteries that can be conveniently stored in your pocket or bag. The electronics for the product are tucked safely in a water-resistant housing. It also has a specific cord where you can find the switch for the LEDs easily.

You may clip the FlashBak on your bag strap, with its serrated alligator clips, across your chest, on your waistline or on your garment. Or, the device can be positioned on your back, the top flap of a messenger bag, or anywhere you else you can clip it to.

The FlaskBak Lighting System costs $45.00 and promises to be a worthwhile safety…

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Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

nike78 waffle racers spd 300x200   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

78 creatives answers the call of riders who are looking for a pair of cycling cleats without the cycling cleat look. The result is a pair of Nike78 Waffle Racers SPDs.

It was Dan Mather, a graphics designer, who came up with this innovative idea, which involved merging his Nike Waffle Racers with his cycling cleats. Mather began designing his hybrid shoe after realizing how limited he was with his cycling specific cleats while off the saddle.

Unlike regular cycling shoes that have cleats exposed, the Nike78 SPD does a better job of concealing the cleats, allowing for a more casual street wear look. With Mather’s design, urban cyclists can cross over between cycling and urban cruising without having to change shoes….

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Harlot Annie Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Harlot Annie Shorts

harlot annie shorts   Harlot Annie Shorts

Harlot Annie Shorts, specific for women, are designed to be water-repellent with a stretchable 70 Denier 4-ply Taslan Nylon shells. This is great for many women since it allows extra room without sticking so much to the skin like that of Lycra. A four-way stretch and seamless panel also provides women the mobility and comfort they need that Annie Shorts provides.

There is no chamois made ready within these shorts, so you have to find another material to use as a lining. Other than that, the Harlot Annie short is a great find for women in need of riding shorts.

Also, these shorts feature a wicking waistband with adjustable straps in case you want to have your shorts fit snugly, a front high pocket that is also great for gadgets and whatnots. These shorts are strictly made-in-the-USA.

The Harlot Annie Shorts only come in black and are…

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Polaris Quantum Waterproof Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Polaris Quantum Waterproof Jacket

polaris quantum waterproof jacket   Polaris Quantum Waterproof Jacket

A lot of people don’t really like the color orange. Its striking and kind of irritating to the eyes. But here’s one good reason to like the color orange, simply because of the name. The Polaris Quantum Jacket is blindingly orange, yes, so you may find the color “loud” at first.

But once you try it, this jacket can change your mind. It has a comfortable fit with no plastic-like feeling thanks to its full mesh liner. Secondly, the hoods is not zipped up or popped down. Instead, it is secured within the Velcro tab like a padded collar.

Besides its bold color, other annoyances may be contact with your helmet. Other than that, this jacket is perfect for wear and tear in terms of weather.

The Polaris Quantum jacket is made with a highly effective Hydro vent fabric that keeps wind and rain out as well as…

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Craft Bike Boxer Underwear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Craft Bike Boxer Underwear

craft bike boxer underwear   Craft Bike Boxer Underwear

Craft launched a new line of cycling-specific boxer shorts for men. Like a standard boxer, the Craft Cool Bike boxers looks like boxer shorts but fit like Lycra. It is padded, with an anti-microbial seamless and ergonomic 3D chamois area for sensitive parts. They are washable and dry quickly. The polyester fabric integrates six channels on each fiber surface so it is more effective in absorbing moisture and other cooling properties needed by its user.

You can wash the Craft Cool Bike Boxer when you are done with your commute. And since it dries quickly, you can be back on the road in no time.

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SKS Chromoplastic White Mudguards

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SKS Chromoplastic White Mudguards

sks chromoplastic white mudguards   SKS Chromoplastic White Mudguards

The SKS Chromoplastic White Mudguards are, let’s say, built to perfection. With its sturdy stainless steel fitments, an almost unbreakable plastic guard with aluminum center strip and a rear reflector and a front mudflap, these are the must-haves that you need when you are out on the road.

Although, like most equipments and accessories on bikes, the only downside of these mudguards is that they tend to get dirty rather quickly since they do come in white. But as a rider, it is your responsibility to clean them as often as you could. If you do, it won’t be a problem since they can almost be compatible with any bike regardless of color scheme.

Road guards come in three sizes: 700.20-28c, 700×35-38c and 700×38-45c.

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Nokia Bike Phone Charger Kit

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nokia Bike Phone Charger Kit

new phone charger on bike from nokia 300x300   Nokia Bike Phone Charger KitThe Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is Nokia’s latest effort to keep you connected while riding your bicycle. The kit is made up of a DC-14 phone charger, a dynamo and a phone holder. It also has two brackets to help secure its components in place.

The dynamo acts as a generator, which harnesses the power of your pedaling. It attaches to the front wheel of your bicycle. As you pedal, the electricity travels to the phone charger latched on your handlebars.

To activate the charging process, you need to be at a speed of 6km per hour. Nokia advises a speed of 12km per hour or more for better charging. The charging time mostly dependent on the battery model, however. Should you be riding for 10 minutes at 6 miles per hour, 28 minute is likely your added talk-time. As per Nokia, “The faster you ride, the more battery life you…

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