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Osprey 24/7 Series Day Packs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Osprey 24/7 Series Day Packs

osprey 24 7 series day packs   Osprey 24/7 Series Day Packs

Available this fall from Osprey is the new 24/7 Series of urban Osprey Packs. The 24/7 Series day packs will feature an array of six urban friendly packs bridging the span together between playtime and workday. Regular users of Osprey Packs can look forward to an easy-to-carry design and the adjustability inherent in Osprey’s soon to release packs.

The 24/7 Series Packs will have the Spacer mesh harness and Inverted Y back panel. The pack is designed with panel loading packs and a padded carry handle with sleeves you can use for a laptop or important documents. Another added feature is the front stash pocket with mini organizers and internal mesh zip pockets, along with it is a dedicated MP3 pocket and wire pass-through. The waist belts are removable and could accommodate a single ice axe loop. For quick access or to secure a rain shell, there’s a bungee compression cord…

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Save Safe Routes to School Program

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Save Safe Routes to School Program

save safe routes to school program 300x51   Save Safe Routes to School Program

The program Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is one of the five choices Republican representative Whip Eric Cantor deemed to be redundant in its nature. Rep. Cantor has established a weekly “YouCut program” which targets wasteful government spending.

Cantor pointed out that the SRTS program duplicates the local government’s efforts on building infrastructures provided for walking and bicycling within the community. He also argued that SRTS mirrors other existing bicycling and walking programs.

The SRTS program is substantial to the community because it paves way to the security for children to and from school. This concern has been discounted by the state Departments of Transportation, which is why SRTS funding is widely overdrawn by every state in the country. This is indicative to the need for Federal intervention and support.

To keep the Safe Routes to School program intact, please take some time to let your Representative know about this. If Cantor…

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Cadence x DVS Milan

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cadence x DVS Milan

cadence x dvs milan 300x147   Cadence x DVS Milan

The Cadence x DVS Milan is the result of a collaboration between the cycling and skateboarding world. The shoe marks a growing wave shoes geared for cycling and street use. Made from waxed canvas, the Cadence x DVS Milan is water-resistant. To hide its lacing and prevent tangling, the shoe features a custom tongue design.

For added comfort, the Cadence x DVS Milan has a mesh underlay and suede overlay that assists its user in obtaining a strong cage grip. As for breathability, the shoe has perforated leather and backing material, so air can easily escape.

The Cadence x DVS Milan is available through pre-order. Shipping will begin by mid June. Colors available are yellow, black and grey. However, the yellow is already sold out. Retail price is $65.00….

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Taipei Enforces Impounding of Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Taipei Enforces Impounding of Bikes

taipei enforces impounding of bikes 300x225   Taipei Enforces Impounding of Bikes

On June 15, Taipei City, Taiwan will start impounding bicycles that are illegally parked. This was approved by Mayor Hau Lung-bin after several physically disabled citizens filed complaints that some bicycles make use of the handicap ramps and access aisles near the MRT stations, in turn making wheelchair bound citizens unable to utilize designated handicap aisles.

The proposed impounding will be carried out by the city’s traffic police division. Initial areas to be included in this campaign are nearby the Technology Building Station of the Mass Rapid Transit system. Should it prove to be a success, other areas will be added like those in the Gongguan, National Taiwan University Hospital and Taipei City Hall stations. Later on, the program shall encompass the entire city.

To further enforce discipline and bicycle courtesy, a fine of NT$300-NT$600 was proposed by the city traffic police. However, this proposal is still under review by the city…

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Moving to a Different Home by Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Moving to a Different Home by Bike

moving house with bikes 209x300   Moving to a Different Home by Bike

Inspired by a movie he watched during the 2009 Bike Shorts Film Festival, Jeff Pedelty called on family, friends, neighbors and anyone willing to help him move from Tantra Lake to his new home in Peloton. The twist: Voluntaries would be moving all his belongings by bike. Pedelty’s plead for help was answered by nearly 25 volunteers with bikes and bike trailers on June 6, 2010.

The distance the bike movers covered was a bit over three miles. Lisa Seaman, one of the volunteers, likened the move to be a “bike parade” where the volunteers were encouraged to honk at passing cars and waved to pedestrians. The bike parade lasted an hour, until the helping cyclists reached Peloton around 11a.m. Pedelty prepared refreshments for his helpful movers that awaited their arrival.

Pedelty explained that the idea of using bikes instead of simply hiring a truck to have his things moved was a…

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South Carolina Bicycle City

pinit fg en rect gray 20   South Carolina Bicycle City

south carolina bicycle city 300x39   South Carolina Bicycle City

A city with plans to make bicycles the only means of transportation is soon to rise in South Carolina. As early as the 90s, Bicycle City LLC from Ohio came out with an idea of a Bicycle City. It has invested $1 million, acquiring 140 acres of property in Gaston, somewhere not far from Columbia.

Joe Mellett and Newton Boykin, co-developers of the project, are hopeful that sometime in autumn a car-free community will rise in Lexington County, South Carolina. Bill Nesper, director of the League of American Bicyclists believes the project to be promising. He stated, “The concept behind building Bicycle City is one that we support. A community that is built around bicycles is awesome – I hope it’s a success.”
He further added, “It seems to me that the places people are starting to want to live in, work in and visit are places that build good facilities for…

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How To Cycle Uphill

pinit fg en rect gray 20   How To Cycle Uphill

how to cycle uphill   How To Cycle Uphill

Cycling can sound really easy and fun. But everything changes once we talk about getting uphill. The toughest part of it all is overcoming that huge initial climb. Even if it is just a tiny hill, the challenge can be too overwhelming if you don’t know the proper techniques.

Here’s the truth: there are no easy hills. They can only get easy the more you are put to the test by them and yourself. Remember that no matter how passive an expert cyclist may appear during an uphill ride, he or she is still fighting a physical and mental battle. There’s no doubt about it that hills can equal pain.

On the other hand, these very hills can be looked at as an opportunity to push ourselves to new limits. Once you take them over through time, it can brings you incomparable fulfillment and accomplishment as a cyclist.

It is…

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