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Brooks Saddles Coming Soon: Select and Colt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks Saddles Coming Soon: Select and Colt

new products from brooks saddles 1   Brooks Saddles Coming Soon: Select and Colt

Brooks Saddles has more to offer it fans in the near feature. The saddles company will soon unveil its latest line called Select and will also reintroduce its previous line, the Colt.

Brooks Saddles has been in the business of making bicycle saddles since 1882. Last 2002, Selle Royale bought the company and with a fresh new outtake, is rolling out more products.

The Select saddles will be made from vegetable-tanned leather. Thickness of the saddle’s leather will be 5mm. The leather comes especially from 36 month old Swedish cows to guarantee a long-lasting quality of leather. A trademark which Brooks Saddles carry is the duration of breaking in a saddle. It normally lasts for about a month but the Select line will take about three months. …

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Increase in Bicycling and Walking in U.S.

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Increase in Bicycling and Walking in U.S.

increase in bicycling and walking in u s 300x176   Increase in Bicycling and Walking in U.S.

The National Biking and Walking Study: a 15-year Status Report was a study conducted by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. It tackles the trend in bicycling and walking since 1994. So far, the result of that study has been promising.

The goal of the study was to “double the percentage of total trips made by bicycling and walking from 7.9% to 15.8% of all travel trips.” From the looks of things, the PBIC might achieve its goal. From 1990 to 2009, more and more people have chosen to walk from 18 billion people to 42.5 billion. As for bicycling, it also increased from 1.7 billion to 4 billion.

In a survey done in 2009 called the National Household Travel Survey, bicycling and walking takes 11.9% out of all the trips. Down by 3.9% from the PBIC’s goal.

The added bonus to the situation is that as more and more people walk…

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2011 Gary Fisher Collection from Trek

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Gary Fisher Collection from Trek

2011 gary fisher collection from trek 300x195   2011 Gary Fisher Collection from Trek

Trek Bikes presents its 2011 Gary Fisher Collection with a tag line that says “This bike can change your life and the world.” The line features the “Transport” and “Transport+” longtail cargo bikes. Both have rear load racks which can be folded, a front rack, a wide-stance kickstand, fender and a Bontrager bag. The Transport+ has front and rear lights.

The longtail cargo bike uses Avid BB5 for front brakes and Tektro V-brake for the rear. Bontrager components comprise the saddle, seat post, handle bars and stem. With Shimano drivetrain, FSA Alpha Drive crank, SRAM 8 speed cassette and Wellgo pedals, the Transport bike also has a 350 watt electric assist motor rear hub for times when you are carrying heavy load or have difficulty riding uphill. The aluminum frame is available in sizes 17 inches or 20 inches and both cargo bikes are equipped with Bontrager H4 Hard-Case Plus tires…

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Bike Path Made of Ink Cartridges

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Path Made of Ink Cartridges

bike path out of ink cartridges 300x239   Bike Path Made of Ink Cartridges

There are remarkable ways of recycling plastics or simply reusing them. The people of West MacDonnell National Park in Australia came out with a terrific concept for building a bike path. Made from junked ink cartridges, recyclables now link Alice Springs and Simpsons Gap. The new bike path looks cool and costs less than timber. In addition, it is more durable and longer lasting.

The Centralian Advocate reports that with the use of recycled materials, a 17km path was completed respectively for only $130,000. The bike path made from Ink Cartridges enables the park to save quite a sizable amount of money considering the materials used will last much longer than lumber, according to Red Ferret.

Karl Hampton, Minister for Parks and Wildlife said, “Every year more than 120,000 people visit the magnificent West MacDonnell National Park, and by investing in our parks we are able to ensure visitors have a unique…

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Limited Edition Bike T-Shirts from Morvelo and Retrobike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Limited Edition Bike T Shirts from Morvelo and Retrobike

limited edition bike t shirts from morvelo and retrobike 297x300   Limited Edition Bike T Shirts from Morvelo and RetrobikeMorvelo Bicycle Apparel teams up with Retrobike to produce old school t-shirts for limited time only.

Charlie Kelly, one of the pioneers of Mountain Biking, co-founded the Fat Tire Flyer in 1980 and it was the original mountain bike magazine of bike fans and riders of that time. Fat Tire Flyer depicted an action-packed classic imagery of the earliest off-road races and feats. The April “Derby’s” in Marin County was on the cover of the May/June 1984 issue of the magazine, which illustrated a bike pile up totally describing the typical fun loving attitude of the times.

The illustration gave an inspiring impression to Retrobike and Morvelo that led them to getting in touch with Charlie Kelly with the intention of acquiring a copy of the that particular issue. In addition, Retrobike and Morvelo wished to obtain Kelly’s permission to run a limited edition T-shirt of the cover illustration. They got more…

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ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

pinit fg en rect gray 20   ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

eno trials freewheel from white industries 300x199   ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

Respected and well known for freewheels, White Industries is famous for quality made products, including its ENO Trials Freewheel. Whites Industries’ latest freewheel could be disassembled, serviced and conditioned to increase its longevity. The number of engagement points and the application of sealed-cartridge bearings are the main attributes of the Trials specific ENO Freewheel. The sealed bearings make it free from water, dirt and mud.

A total of 72 points of engagement and a six pawl system strengthens the outer gear case for added lasting durability and increase in performance. It is about 30 grams heavier than the standard freewheel. The end result, however, is 202 grams of quality product.

The Trials Freewheel has a retail price of $ 120. For more details and information, visit

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Bike Shop and Cyclists Receive Cycling Awards

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Shop and Cyclists Receive Cycling Awards

bike shop and cyclists receive cycling awards 300x297   Bike Shop and Cyclists Receive Cycling Awards

The City of Ottawa, Canada awarded two
Bruce Timmerman awards to re-Cycles a bicycle shop. Mark Rehder, director of re-Cycles, shared his pleasure of being awarded. “We just kind of quietly do our thing and it’s just nice to get some recognition for it. The important thing is that the public knows we’re there, we do good business, bicycles are getting recycled.”

The awards were supposed to be an annual event but financial constraints led to its suspension for several years. However, this year’s event awarded cycling advocate Mark Rehder and the re-Cycles shop for their commitment to cycling. The Centretown shop has been in operation for the last 13 years, accepting donated bicycles, fixing them up and selling the recycled bicycle at affordable prices. The ceremony was witnessed by some 40 cyclists in helmets and reflective slickers under the rain last week.

Rehder explains how he got involved with…

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