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Rapha Large Backpack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Large Backpack

rapha large backpack   Rapha Large Backpack

First released was the Rapha backpack, and since then they are back but in a larger size for those long commutes and hauling your goods. Same design and fabrics as its predecessor, the Rapha Large Backpack adds additional features that the original size does not have.

When constructing the large Rapha backpack, they made sure it was lightweight even with the increase size (17 liters, compared to the regular 11). A fold out compartment was added that holds up to 5 liters, and can hold a pair of shoes.

The main pack fabric is tough and waterproof, and since it is black, Rapha added reflective pin dots to be seen riding at night. Added for additional safety is light loops on the straps and rear panel.

Comfort is what all us cyclists enjoy, and the padding in the rear of the backpack will follow the curve of your…

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Level City Bike, Saddle & Briefcase by Brooks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Level City Bike, Saddle & Briefcase by Brooks

level city bike saddle briefcase brooks   Level City Bike, Saddle & Briefcase by Brooks

The Level City Bike, in connection with Wallpaper was designed by Japanese Shiko Matsuda, who works with Level. Wallpaper wanted the bike to have a clear view of the road, this was achieved by the positioning set for the rider.

For those days when the roads get a bit wet, drum brakes on the front and rear have been added as a effective braking system.

Aiming for a clean look, the Level City Bike brake and gear cables are routed through the frame. Finishing the bike off, two narrower tubes were used instead of a one crossbar, this leaves enough space for a standard briefcase, one that is provided by Brooks.

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2011 Bell Commuter Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bell Commuter Helmets

2011 bell commuter helmets 1 300x223   2011 Bell Commuter HelmetsBell releases two new helmets for 2011 called the Muni and the Arella. With a tag line that says “King and Queen of the Street”, it’s possible that the Muni will be targeted for men while the Arella will be for women. Weighing approximately 275 grams, the Muni will be available in matte titanium (grey), matte white (weathered), matte black and safety yellow.

The helmets feature integrated water gutters and a ratchet buckle for micro-fit. It also has a mount for a rear-view mirror and comes with a visor to protect your eyes. It also has a light mount which is integrated on the helmet. You may place a Blackburn Flea front light for better visibility.

The Muni and the Arella also have integrated lights for the back of the helmet on the head retention device. Bell showcases its OneStep Plus Fit system on both helmets to make sure…

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Reebok Launches Bike Range

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Reebok Launches Bike Range

reebok launches bike range   Reebok Launches Bike Range

Reebok has a strong presence for releasing shoes, and somewhat in exercise stationary bikes, but they will now release several BMX bikes, town bikes, and mountain bikes.

Reebok Bikes are going to be sold at Halfords UK, which will replace the popular and establish brand GT. Featuring 8 mountain bikes, town, and BMX, Reebok’s detail and design was lead by none other than UK’s leading cycling retailer Halfords UK.

The Reebok Skylite City and Town 17 inch bikes releases in a light aluminum frame, with the sole intent on riding on the road, tracks, and trails. The seat is specifically designed for comfort and shaped for women. Using a step through design, the bikes use a overall female geometry. Using Shimano 21 speed gearing, which helps with uphill climbs and acceleration.

Other Reebok Bikes released are Void (BMX), Kult (BMX), Voyager (City/Town), Solo (Mountain Bike),…

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Campus Cruisers Bike Recall

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campus Cruisers Bike Recall

campus cruisers bike recall   Campus Cruisers Bike Recall

Campus Cruisers and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have teamed up to issue a voluntary recall for around 100 Campus Cruisers Eastside fixed gear bikes. Sadly, the forks on the Eastside are at liberty to crack or even break, in turn the rider can lose control, causing a health hazard.

So far, a total of four reports on cracks have been taken place, which are located beneath the front fork crown. Good news is, no injuries have been reported. The Campus Cruiser is a single speed/fixed gear that released to selected bicycle retailers from March 2010 to May 2010 with a MSRP of $450. If you are a owner, please cease riding the bike, contact a local Campus Cruiser dealer for a free repair. If you are not located by a dealer, then calling Campus Cruiser customer service is your best…

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Folding Bike Designed by 21 Year Old Wraps Around Lamp Post

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Folding Bike Designed by 21 Year Old Wraps Around Lamp Post

folding bike designed 21 year old wraps around lamp post   Folding Bike Designed by 21 Year Old Wraps Around Lamp Post

21 year old Kevin Scott, a De Montfort University graduate has designed a Folding Bike that wraps around a lamp post. Best part of the folding bike is the ease of locking it without using a lock or chain. Kevin uses a ratchet system built within the frame, which allows the lock to wrap around the wheels and frame.

Kevin Scott aimed to have all the folding bike components locked up, this allows two objectives, one if for the bike to be stored in smaller places, and thief’s will have trouble snatching parts. To ride, all you need to do is ratchet it up tight and you have a stiff frame, and vice versa.

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Cannondale Ville: Bike Folds into Shopping Cart Concept

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Ville: Bike Folds into Shopping Cart Concept

cannondale ville bike folds shopping cart concept   Cannondale Ville: Bike Folds into Shopping Cart Concept

If your looking for a city bike that you can run errands with, especially the grocery store, the new concept bike by Cannondale will be a hit. Not like other folding bikes, this Cannondale is known as the Ville acts as a normal functioning bike, but folds up twice to act as a shopping cart.

Designed by Hyuk-Jae Chang, the Cannondale Ville top tube splits down in two places, this sets the wheels parallel with each other. A third wheel comes into play that exposes himself on the bottom bracket, while a push handle appears on the top tube. The Cannondale Ville won the Bronze medal at the IDEA Design Awards 2010. So we ask you, do you think this bike should go into production?

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