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Mezzo D9 Folding Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mezzo D9 Folding Bike

mezzo d9 folding bike 300x200   Mezzo D9 Folding BikeThe Mezzo D9 Folding Bike gets modified by Ian Alexander. Alexander is also behind the new Whyte and Marin bikes. The makeover done on the Mezzo D9 resulted to a softer look for the folding bike. It retails for £825 and will be equipped with SRAM Attack components and Shimano Tiagra drivetrain.

The main design for the Mezzo D9 is retained. Some changes were made to give it smoother lines. The main frame is now slightly curved, making it less austere than the previous D9. The stays copies the lines from some of the Whyte’s mountain bike lines.

There are new V-brakes at the rear to give better braking experience and it carries a Whyte head badge. This could also mean that Mezzo might be marketed as a sub-brand under Whyte..

The new Mezzo D9 still has a single-piece main frame with a bended stem and slightly unusual riser arrangement. It also…

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TATO Commuter Bike with Built in Briefcase or Laptop Holder

pinit fg en rect gray 20   TATO Commuter Bike with Built in Briefcase or Laptop Holder

   TATO Commuter Bike with Built in Briefcase or Laptop Holder

If you have some stuff to carry around while riding, say a laptop or briefcase, and not into messenger bags, TATO releases a commuter bike with a CSSB (known as Central storage system for bicycles) located at the bottom tubing.

CSSB system is developed by Tato in Switzerland, and as you can see was added into the frame. This allows you to ride with your laptop or briefcase out of the way. Available space is 400 x 320 x 95mm, and holds a volume of 12.16 liters.

The TATO Commuter Bike retails for a little over $1,500, with your choice of front suspension or rigid fork.

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VeloMini Electric Folding Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   VeloMini Electric Folding Bike

velomini electric folding bike   VeloMini Electric Folding Bike

While folding bikes are becoming more popular, one company strives to combine two types of bikes, a city folding bike and e-bike.

Known as VeloMini, uses a 180 watt brushless hub motor, and 24v 6AH lithium-ion battery that charges up to three hours. Top speeds of the VeloMini Electric Folding Bike are 12 mph, but if you decide to get some cardio, the bike can convert to manual pedaling.

Maybe your tired from the long day, but know you need some exercise. The VeloMini can also use a electric assist, which you can still pedal, but most of the speed is from the battery.

You can fold the VeloMini to 18 inches tall, while fitting in most cases. Retail price is $1,000, which is decent if you compare to other high end folding bikes, plus e-bikes can run much more.

Source: Treehugger

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Trek 2011 Broadsider Prototype

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek 2011 Broadsider Prototype

trek 2011 broadsider prototype   Trek 2011 Broadsider Prototype

Trek World is coming, and they have showcased one of the bikes that is a prototype for now, the Broadsider. Inspiration for the 2011 Trek Broadsider came from a comic book.

The comic book follows Max Malco, a legendary cliff racer that lost his life trying to save a young boy from his rivals. The bike and story was made from Trek’s industrial design group, and as of now the Broadsider is a prototype. Said by Trek “(Broadsider) project intended to keep the Trek brain trust sharp”.

Still, the Trek 2011 Broadsider takes on a vintage/tarnished look, and as of now it is not known if it will release.

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2011 Raleigh Sojourn Commuter Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Raleigh Sojourn Commuter Bike

2011 raleigh sojourn commuter bike   2011 Raleigh Sojourn Commuter Bike

Raleigh 2011 line is looking impressive, while we share with you the Sojourn Commuter, which is not like your usual bike. Under the steel performance section, the 2011 Raleigh Sojourn is made of Reynold 520 Butted Chromoly on the frame, and 4130 Chromoly Cross forks.

One eye catching, yet abnormal features are the disc brakes! Its not every day you see a city bike with them. 2011 Sojourn comes with SKS Fenders, Rack and Fender Mounts, Water Bottle mounts, Lezyne Rod Drive Pump, and Cateye Reflector set. The Raleigh Sojourn 2011 is finished off with a Brooks saddle and grips. Retail and release date should be announced soon.

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Black Rose Commuter Bags

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Black Rose Commuter Bags

black rose commuter bags 1 300x224   Black Rose Commuter BagsBlack Rose Bags is a new and upcoming company that takes on materials that have been thrown and deemed unusable and skillfully transform them into custom bike bags. The bags come in different styles to suit the various needs of cyclists everywhere. For the environment-conscious rider, this could be your “green” contribution.

The Black Rose Bags line is made up of five models. The Easy Portage bag uses heavy canvas with nylon lining, as well as leather straps. This retails for $69.00. Similar to the Easy Portage bag is the Rainy Day (Vegan) which is also a medium sized commuter bag for $89.00. Other bags feature Velcro to close its openings like the Solidarity Vegan bag which sells for $49.00.

There’s also the Grocery Getter bag which is made for large overhauls. It has waxed canvas and reflective straps on the flap for visibility and costs $69.00. On the other…

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Sugoi Versa Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sugoi Versa Jacket

sugoi versa jacket 223x300   Sugoi Versa Jacket The Versa Jacket from Sugoi is the essential lightweight jacket for the weather conscious cyclist. Made from a new material argon fabric, the jacket already has a built-in weather resistant finish which offers breathable qualities through its microfiber construction.

The Sugoi Versa Jacket features detachable sleeves. Although this design is anything but new, Sugoi makes use of 10 magnets to keep the sleeves on as well as to make it easy to remove from the main sleeves. Sugoi chose the magnets over the dual zipper technology since the latter takes up too much time to put back on or off. With this option, you can change the jacket accordingly as the weather conditions changes from warm to cool or from dry to wet.

The Versa Jacket has excellent ventilation through the vents at the back. It also has two zip pockets in the front and one at the back to store…

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