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Brooks Slender Leather Grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks Slender Leather Grips

brooks slender leather grips   Brooks Slender Leather Grips

Brooks is known for clashing elegance and vintage styled products, and what caught our eye is their new Slender leather grips.

Brooks Slender Leather grips use a aluminum structure. Natural corks and leather tape are wrapped around it. You can also replace the leather tape if it gets cut or you want a different color.

Previously released is the Brooks Plump leather grips, which are made of recycled leather. When comparing the Slender and Plump grips, the Slender is much lighter (the name gives it away as well).

Three colors are available: black, light brown, and dark brown. Retail is $80.

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Brooks Select Organic Saddles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks Select Organic Saddles

brooks select organic saddles   Brooks Select Organic Saddles

If you love touring on your bike enough to rack up 10,000 to 20,000 miles a year, the new Brooks Select saddles might be right up your alley.

Brooks worked with a couple different cow farms in Sweden for organic cowhide. The cows used roamed in open fields away from trees, resulting in a clean cowhide with no blemishes. Still, each Select is unique looking because of this process.

Towards the back of the Brooks Select saddles are hand pounded rivets, a unique process featured on most Brooks.

Each saddle is very tough, and is claimed to last twice as long as other Brooks saddles on the market.

Retail price starts at $195.

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2011 Globe Haul City Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Globe Haul City Bike

2011 globe haul city bike   2011 Globe Haul City Bike

Globe reduces the models released in the Haul series to two for 2011, a standard model and a step through woman’s bike.

The 2011 Globe Haul changed little since last year, with the exception of the cargo deck. Last year Globe used wood and for 2011 a metal deck was applied. Globe said the change makes the 2011 Haul city bike cost effective, and more environmentally friendly. Of course metal is stronger than wood, allowing you to haul heavier items. As much as 110 lbs can be hauled on the cargo deck.

The standard Globe 2011 Haul is available in blue, while the Step Through comes in red and light blue. Retail price is $610.

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Brooks Oxford Roll Up Rain Cape

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks Oxford Roll Up Rain Cape

brooks oxford roll up rain cape   Brooks Oxford Roll Up Rain Cape

For those who do not like the feel of a regular cycling jacket and plan to commute this rainy season, Brooks has released the Oxford Roll Up rain cape.

The Brooks Oxford rain cape has magnets in the straps that wrap around your handlebars, allowing rain to slide off via its angle. For your safety in low light conditions, Brooks also added reflective JB Raver tweed.

Some jackets do not hold up to par against rain, and in some cases will soak your clothes. The Brooks Oxford roll up rain cape is made of waterproof cotton preventing this issue.

Manufactured in England, the Brooks rain cape uses vegetable tanned leather just like Brooks’ saddles.

If the skies clear on your ride, you can roll up the Brooks Oxford rain cape and attach it to the back of your saddle, using the same magnets that attach to your handlebars. Retail is…

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2011 Breezer Greenway DX Commuter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Breezer Greenway DX Commuter

2011 breezer greenway dx commuter   2011 Breezer Greenway DX Commuter

Joe Breeze, one of the founding fathers of mountain biking had a chance to sit down with us and go over the 2011 line. Mr. Breeze was excited to share the 2011 Breezer Greenway DX commuter.

The Breezer 2011 Greenway DX uses the same frame as the Liberty, which is designed by Joe Breeze. A key point on the 2011 Breezer Greenway series is that there’s a bike for everyone’s budget within the line.

With the 2011 Greenway DX, you can shift through 24 speeds, which is assisted by SRAM Via shifters, crankset and derailleurs. Overall, the setup of the bike allows you to place after market fenders, carriers, and various lighting systems.

Available soon to Breezer Bike dealers, the 2011 Breezer Greenway DX Commuter comes in a mineral brown/black color scheme.

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Fairdale Prototype Commuter Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fairdale Prototype Commuter Bikes

fairdale prototype commuter bikes   Fairdale Prototype Commuter Bikes

Taj Mihelich debuts his new line of bikes, known as the Fairdale at InterBike. Two models were on display, both prototype commuter bikes.

When friends would ask Mihelich what kind of bike they should purchase for commuting, Mihelich didn’t know how to answer. Therefore, he decided to start Fairdale.

One of the highlights for Fairdale is the prices, which at this time was not stated but are said to be very affordable.

As of now, we have two commuter bikes (prototypes) pictured, but coming soon from Fairdale is a 29 inch BMX bike, 700c cruiser bike, and 26 inch wheeled single speed.

Both Fairdale’s are different: One uses drop bars and the other riser bars, fenders, and a rear basket that can hold a skateboard. More from the line coming soon.

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2011 Globe Daily 3, 2, 1

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Globe Daily 3, 2, 1

2011 globe daily 3 2 1   2011 Globe Daily 3, 2, 1

Globe has put a lot of time and effort in its 2011 lineup, with one of the standout series being the Daily.

The 2011 Globe Daily bike is designed for daily commuting and comes in 3 models, (03, 02, and 01). Of the three models, a men’s bike and women’s bike (step through) is available.

All three of the Globe 2011 Daily city bikes are similar. For example, each use an alloy frame but have unique features that make them different.

Globe’s 2011 Daily 3 uses a low maintenance Shimano 7 speed internal hub, custom alloy crankset and brakes/levers, which adds for a retro feel, custom built in rear rack and chain guard.

The 2011 Globe Daily 2 has a 8 speed Shimano drivetrain, same custom crankset, brakes/levers, custom fenders and rear rack.

Last is the 2011 Daily 1, which is truly a city bike with its singlespeed drivetrain, custom front basket…

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