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Ergon Flat Pedal PC2

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ergon Flat Pedal PC2

ergon flat pedal pc2 1 300x199   Ergon Flat Pedal PC2

The Flat Pedal PC2 from Ergon is a power pedal that aims to delight every urban cyclist. The PC2 is made from a lightweight durable material called GFK Composite, which was developed by Ergon with Magura. The main feature that sets the PC2 flat pedal apart is its 3M-SafetyWalkTM portion on the pedal’s platform. This is what keeps your foot from slipping and maximizes the transfer of power from foot to pedal.

The PC2 has polymer bearings with radial seals and an inner-stop to position your foot correctly on the pedal. To minimize the Q-factor, it has a narrow axle construction and a contoured platform. The pedal is designed with a 6 degree angle on the platform to minimize hip-knee-foot complaints with the correct biomechanics and proper alignment of joints.

The Ergon Flat Pedal PC2 has integrated reflectors for visibility and was a Eurobike 2010 Awardee.

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Casqu’En Ville Bicycle Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   CasquEn Ville Bicycle Helmets

casquen ville bicycle helmets 1 300x300   CasquEn Ville Bicycle Helmets

Casqu’En Ville believes mixing up your regular bike helmet with a favorite hat is the answer to a more trendy commute.

Keeping your head safe is a priority for the fashion forward product yet so is style. The helmets are “dressed up”—or you can also say “disguised” as a newsboy cap, chapka, polo helmet cap, fluffy hat and other kinds of caps. Hats can be swapped out for a different look or occasion.

The basic helmet is made from either carbon fiber or black lacker carbon. This makes it light and durable. The hat and helmet comes in 5 sizes (XXS, XS, S, M and L). The helmet itself weighs around 220g to 310g depending on size. The wall inside the helmet is uses polystyrene and the padding follows that of a motorcycle helmet with 10 air ducts for ventilation and comfort.

The EPS helmet retails at $100, while the hat…

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Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

puma bikes size trainerspotter funk   Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

Size? and Trainerspotter will release two bikes in collaboration with Puma. The model used in the collaboration is the Funk.

The Puma x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk celebrates the release of the Puma Sky II Hi sneakers. Furthering the celebration, the sneakers were released for Size?’s 10 year anniversary.

Both models used are the Puma Funk. Size? and Trainerspotter have their own edition of the Funk that is inspired by the the TV series Miami Vice.

Trainerspotter Puma Funk uses gray pastel paint, with a mixture of mint and pink on the rims and tires. The bike captures Sonny Crockett’s flamboyant style. Crockett is known for wearing pastel cotton t-shirts with Hugo Boss and Versace suits.

Size?’s Puma Funk is a bit less flashy, but still maintains the Miami theme and the classic style Size? is known for. Besides the obvious differences in colors, Size? also flipped…

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Hövding Airbag Cycling Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hövding Airbag Cycling Helmet

Around 40 cyclists lose their lives on the road in Sweden each year and about 30,000 are injured. The statistics are undeniable, which prompted a Swedish company to create an airbag bicycle helmet designed to deploy immediate protection for its user in the instant that the inevitable occurs.

The airbag bicycle helmet is the brain child of two industrial students, namely Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. Back in 2006 they were awarded a grant of SEK 200,000 to develop the actual product and set up their own company.

Called the “ HÖVDING”, which means “chieftain”, It is conveniently worn as a collar around the cyclist’s neck to which the airbag is housed. The airbag comes in an array of colors. Tested on cycling dummies at a maximum speed of 20 mph, the helmet is made to withstand collision impacts from the rear.

Source: Her Blog

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DZR GMT-8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DZR GMT 8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

gmt 8 strasse ovis dzr shoes 1 300x216   DZR GMT 8, Strasse, Ovis Shoes

DZR Shoes came from a shared passion by its husband-wife owners. The shoes are all SPD compatible and are designed to be comfortable as well as functional. For the men’s line-up, there are 3 models, the GMT-8, Strasse and Ovis.

With a retail price of $85, the GMT-8 has a slim sneaker profile with a flexible grip. It sports a classic, timeless appeal, a favorable look for many.

The Strasse is a throwback from the 1920s. It uses full grain leather and herringbone material. With a midtop cut for ample protection and support, it retails for $110.

Made from soft supply leather, the Ovis is a non-padded midtop shoe. It is priced at $120.

The 3 models feature DZR Shoes variable-flex nylon inner shank, performance mapped flex and strategic stiffness for optimum pedal power. A 600 luminosity reflective badge is stamped on each shoe for visibility.

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Club Ride Cycling Apparel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Club Ride Cycling Apparel

club ride cycling apparel 1 300x277   Club Ride Cycling Apparel

Club Ride Apparel introduces a new line of street fashion for cycling enthusiasts. It is all about the social aspect of cycling. The pieces are made for high performance wear that will also keep you looking good–whether errands or leisure is on the agenda.

The pieces have a zip system for better temperature control when on the go. Snap-ons for easy opening and closing were strategically placed on lightweight wicking polyester. The Go West jersey gets a new look in red and black plaid for 2010. All jerseys are vented under the arms and have two secure pockets at the back and a center vent as well.

New for 2010 would be the Go Long, which is simply a long-sleeve version of the Go West jersey. Other new products include a wind jacket and pullovers made from bamboo fabric.

Club Ride also introduces its women’s range of jerseys. Bandera comes in 3…

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Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991-901-3, 1992-902-3

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991 901 3, 1992 902 3

owleye bike lights 1 300x201   Owleye Bike Lights Rainbow Series: 1991 901 3, 1992 902 3

Owleye introduces its Rainbow series with two new models, a front bicycle light known as 1991-901-3 and a tail light, 1992-902-3. Both models use solar energy for recharging. On a 2 hour quick charge under the sun, the lights can effectively deliver an hour of light in constant mode and 2 hours in flash mode.

The front bike light has two modes for better visibility and lighting. It uses 3 LEDs and has a Li-ion battery pack. The rear bike light also uses 3 LEDs and is easy to install with a 180 degree free adjustment.

It is not a surprise Owleye Bicycle Lights bare HICHIA LED, 12500-155OOmcd and 610 mah for the super brightness and visibility. The solar head light is specifically designed to be user and environmental friendly. The solar power tail light has a storage battery of Li-ion, 150 mah and weighs 21g.

The accessories are durable and…

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