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Knog Sausage Locks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Knog Sausage Locks

knog sausage locks   Knog Sausage Locks

The latest from Knog is its Sausage Locks or Party Franks to keep your bike secure. The lock is made with medical grade UV stable silicon in a patented seamless overmould. Inside, there”s a braided steel cable with fiber core to withstand any bolt cutter.

It comes with three color-coded keys, 1000 combination blade style lock and wrist coil. You can attach the Party Frank on your bike with a 8mm stainless circular steel locking knob or Authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of a online high schools employee in the physical assault of a student and an alleged plot to cover it up. you can wrap it around your wrist when not in use.

The Sausage Lock has a 12mm cable diameter and 5mm steel diameter. It”s 620mm in length and weighs 250 grams. Knog made them in 3 sizes and it comes in 12…

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Carnac Hades Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Carnac Hades Helmet

carnac hades helmet   Carnac Hades Helmet

Carnac’s first venture in head gear is its Hades helmet. Aimed to be used for all types of riding, the shape and design is uniquely its own.

The Carnac Hades helmet has a removable visor, carbon reinforcements on the outside of the shell and a per notch adjustable system at the back to make the helmet fit perfectly. The inner shell is fortified with its one of a kind helmet cut to keep the styrofoam pads from coming off.

The gel pads inside the Hades helmet are cut and placed strategically to increase ventilation and air flow. Sizes available are 52-58 and 55-62 along with four colors to choose from.

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Shorty Fatz 8 Series Custom Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shorty Fatz 8 Series Custom Bikes

shorty fatz 8 series custom bikes   Shorty Fatz 8 Series Custom Bikes

Shorty Fatz creates custom bikes in San Jose, CA. One of his offerings is the 8 series.

The Shorty Fatz 8 Series can be customized for fixed gear riding or single speed commuting. Quality goes into every product as the frame is 4130 Chromoly and made in the USA. Stock colors are white, yellow, black, and raw finish, but the colors are almost endless if you choose the custom package.

Each 8 Series comes with a Phil Wood Half link eccentric shell. What this does is it allows the bottom bracket to be easily tightened or loosened with an Allen wrench.

Available as a frame only, starting at $875. For a complete build pricing starts at $1,760.

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Chrome Best of the Best Holiday 2010 Shopping List

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chrome Best of the Best Holiday 2010 Shopping List

chrome best of the best holiday 2010 shipping list   Chrome Best of the Best Holiday 2010 Shopping List

It’s almost that time of year again, the time for giving. Christmas shopping can always be tiresome, stressful, and frantic. If you plan on purchasing a gift for your favorite urban cyclist enthusiasts but want to save time, Chrome is on your side.

Chrome has compiled a Holiday shopping list that they call “Best of the Best”. The Holiday catalog has some of Chrome’s popular bags, shoes and clothing, but also debuts new products. See the whole catalog below.

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NiteRider MiNewt 250 Cordless

pinit fg en rect gray 20   NiteRider MiNewt 250 Cordless

niterider minewt 250 cordless   NiteRider MiNewt 250 Cordless

One of NiteRider‘s high-performance solutions for bicycle lights is its MiNewt 250 Cordless. It gives 250 lumens from its Borofloat lens and reflectors. The optic design takes out the glare by tuning the light its lens. This bike light features easy mounting with its quick-release design.

The MiNewt 250 Cordless has a USB charging option as well as a 4-hour Smart charger. It also comes with a helmet mount and handlebar mount that can fit up to a 31.8mm bar.

The one-piece modular design gives 3 light level options and a flash mode. High light level equals 2.5 hours while low light gives you 4.5 hours of illumination. For a price of £129.99, the 190-gram bike light also comes with a LED headlamp and Internal Li-Ion battery. …

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Chrome Yalta Commuter Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chrome Yalta Commuter Bag

chrome yalta commuter bag   Chrome Yalta Commuter Bag

If you like what Chrome is doing with Brigadier but want a smaller version, than the Yalta just might be the right choice.

Chrome is ready to release the Yalta as a lightweight roll-top pack using a tarpaulin shell that is strong, flexible and keeps your goods dry.

The Chrome Yalta bag features all the bells and whistles, including a special zippered compartment for dirty or sweaty clothes, and a built in laptop storage compartment.

Just like the Brigadier, the Chrome Yalta only comes in black. Retail is $120….

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2011 Felt Slant Cruiser – Commuter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Felt Slant Cruiser   Commuter

2011 felt slant cruiser commuter   2011 Felt Slant Cruiser   Commuter

Felt’s Slant is back for 2011, but for those who have not heard of the bike, Felt made the Slant a cross between a cruiser and commuter bike.

The 2011 Felt Slant is pretty much all black with a Cantilever Steel Frame, but has white and orange graphics on the head tube and chain guard. The graphic reads “Slant Felt Bicycles Southern California”. Thick tires and upright handlebars add for a comfortable and smooth ride.

For daily commutes and cruises, the Felt 2011 Slant is solid. Plus if your looking for a simple bike, the Slant succeeds in that field. MSRP is $299.

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