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Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Evolution Mini 7 U Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

kryptonite mini 7 u lock kryptoflex cable   Evolution Mini 7 U Lock with KryptoFlex Cable

Bike messengers worldwide will be happy to learn that new for 2011, Kryptonite launches the Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock with a KryptoFlex Cable. Designed to meet anti-theft needs, the Evolution Mini has a 13mm MAX-Performance steel bolt that can withstand attempts of cutting or pounding. It measures 3.25″ x 5.5″, which is why it’s named Mini, but comes with a security rating of 9 equaling superior protection.

The Evolution Mini comes with a KryptoFlex Cable, great for safeguarding your expensive wheels. The lock’s cylinder is protected with a rotating dustcover and it uses a center keyway as a defense from leverage attacks. The Mini also features anti-rattle bumpers, reinforced cuff, an EZ Mount transportation bracket and a Bent Foot design.

Priced at $64.95…

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Chrome’s Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chromes Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

chromes cobra pasha jackets make great holiday gift   Chromes Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift

If you’re scrounging for a Holiday gift for a friend or significant other, Chrome has you covered with its Cobra and Pasha cycling jackets. The cobra is a men’s exclusive release, while the Pasha is for women.

Weighing in at a light 1.3 pounds, Chrome‘s Cobra and Pasha jackets feature 100% merino wool but with a fleece merino backing. As you may already know, merino will keep you warm while deterring moisture away from the skin.

The small details that Chrome added is a benefit for any cyclist. For example hidden hand warmer pockets are on the front, a pocket on the wrist for a bike lock key and a back cargo pack with a concealed zip.

A part of Chrome’s 2010 Best of Holiday gift list, you can purchase the Cobra or Pasha for $160.

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Bike Thief in New York Video

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Thief in New York Video

Bicycle theft is a serious concern for bike owners and the Neistat Brothers filmed a video in New York City as to how easy it was to steal a bike. Shot with a hidden camera, the video showed a bike stolen in different locations using different tools. The aim of the video was to show how no one stopped the bike thief in the act of stealing someone’s bike in broad daylight at a public place. Ironically, someone even helped the bike thief remove the locked chains from the bike.

On the other hand, the public’s apathy to the incident could also be viewed as innocent. The “stealing” of the bike looked closely similar to a bike owner who lost the keys to his bicycle’s secure lock and decided to use other means to remove the bike from its locked chains.

Is this a video that proves how people are blind…

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Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

spylamp bicycle gps tracker   Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker

Another innovative device against bicycle theft can be found is the Spylamp Bicycle GPS Tracker. Made by GPSTrackThis, the Spylamp is a hidden GPS tracker located on the bike’s tail light.

The GPS inside the rear light can be activated by pressing the switch button. After several seconds, the tracking device will activate and based on the vibrations that the bike gives off, the GPS sensor relays the bike’s current location to an online server. The server then alerts the owner of the bike through sms.

There’s also a website available to owners that allows them to see the location the bike of their bike. If the bike is in a building, the GPS lock will switch to GPS positioning. This will triangulate the area as to where the bike is located within 200 meters.

The GPS can be triggered manually through the off/on button or by activating the rear light….

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Mission Workshop Orion Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mission Workshop Orion Jacket

mission workshop orion jacket   Mission Workshop Orion Jacket

Mission Workshop‘s new Orion Jacket uses an intelligent fabric called the Schoeller c_changeā„¢. The fabric was designed to adjust to climate change. If the temperature outside becomes warm, the jacket pushes out heat, making it cooler. If the weather becomes colder, the Orion Jacket retains the heat to keep its wearer warm.

The Orion Jacket has a riding design that features a removable hood, a longer back cut and articulated sleeves. Waterproof yet breathable, it has front pockets, an internal iPod pocket, external cellphone pocket and a rear pocket with a zipper. Water literally rolls off the jacket’s fabric.

Seam-sealed with a pit-zip ventilation, it comes in a slim-fit form with four sizes to choose from. MSRP is $400.

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BioLogic iPhone 4 Bike Mount

pinit fg en rect gray 20   BioLogic iPhone 4 Bike Mount

biologic iphone 4 bike mount   BioLogic iPhone 4 Bike Mount

Dahon Biologic releases a new product for the iPhone 4, the Bike Mount. The polycarbonate case is actually an upgraded version of the existing Bike Mount but with modifications to accommodate the iPhone 4.

The Bike Mount is used to hold the iPhone 4 on the bike”s handlebars, allowing the rider to navigate the iPhone 4 with ease and convenience.

A RidgeSeal case turns the Bike Mount into a durable phone holder that can take on all types of elements found outside. A welded touch sensitive film protects the Taciturn, even shy, he does not really need outward signs of stardom like a hard-line leo love horoscope would. iPhone 4 when in use. To make it resistant to shock, a silicone lining was also implemented on the inside of the case.

Similar to the last Bike Mount, the iPhone 4 version can pivot for a wider landscape or portrait…

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Timbuk2 Project Red Collection: Fight Against AIDS

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Timbuk2 Project Red Collection: Fight Against AIDS

timbuk2 project red collection fight against aids   Timbuk2 Project Red Collection: Fight Against AIDS

Timbuk2 is contributing 5% of its sales to combat HIV/AIDS on its latest, Project Red Collection.

Sales from the special edition Timbuk2 Project Red collection assists fund programs that help mitigate the transmission of HIV from mother to child. By 2015, the number could be 0.

A part of the Project Red collection by Timbuk2 is Thumbprint Messenger, Racing Stripe Messenger, Plush Kindle Sleeve and Scuba Sleeve for (iPad). All show support while using black and red. Available now at Timbuk2.

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