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Urge 2011 Down-O-Matic Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Urge 2011 Down O Matic Helmet

urge 2011 down o matic helmet   Urge 2011 Down O Matic Helmet

Urge Bike Products brings to 2011 the Down-O-Matic helmet. Dubbed to be the “Big Brother” among other helmets in the 2011 line, the Down-O-Matic comes with big circular vents on the front to keep airflow at its maximum. The vents have grids and the overall composite fiber construction brings the weight-protection ratio at its optimum.

Th inside of the Down-O-Matic is softly padded. Comfortable and removable, the pads can be washed to avoid gathering of sweat, dust and grime.The visor uses the Flex System technology to help protect the rider. If something hits the visor, it flexes to fall off away from the rider’s face.

Ideal to be used for for BMX, downhill, bikeparks or freeride, the 2011 Down-O-Matic lets you do extreme riding in better hands. The helmet comes in five loud colors and graphics.

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2011 Fuji Touring Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fuji Touring Bike

2011 fuji touring bike   2011 Fuji Touring Bike

One of your new year’s resolutions might be to add some good miles up on the saddle—but you’re in need or want a new bike. The 2011 Fuji Touring bike is an appealing option for some and one of the leaders in its class.

One aspect some cyclists run into is lower back problems. The Fuji 2011 Touring bike drop bars lean towards the saddle and its longer stem not only takes pressure off your back but your whole upper body too.

The frame and fork are made of Fuji Elios 2 custom butted CrMo while the frame features a butted seat tube and double water bottle mounts. The forks utilizes rack mounts, spare spoke holder and forged dropouts.

Only releasing in black and comes in sizes 49cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, and 64cm. MSRP is $999….

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Selle Royale Origins Contour and Aeroyal

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Selle Royale Origins Contour and Aeroyal

selle royale origins contour and aeroyal   Selle Royale Origins Contour and Aeroyal

Selle Royale reintroduces its 1970s saddles in a 2011 version under Origins, the Contour and the Aeroyal. The Contour comes in two versions, the leather and the microtex cover. The Contour leather is hand-made in Italy. The 1972 Contour was dubbed to be the first saddle to take into consideration the relationship of the rider, the saddle and the rest of the bike into its design to insure maximum performance and comfort.

The Aeroyal is said to be among the first saddles on the market to breach the BMX crowd. With its strong design, Selle Royale releases the 2011 version without any modifications on its original form.

The 2011 Contour Leather comes in light brown, black and white nabuk while the Contour Microtec comes in colors of blue, black and white. The 2011 Aeroyal comes in black and white colors. Dimensions for the Contour are 160×273 mm and weighs 395g while…

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Bike Revolution Anti-Theft Device

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Revolution Anti Theft Device

bike revolution anti theft device   Bike Revolution Anti Theft Device

Come January 2011, Bike Revolution Anti-Theft device will be available to the U.S. market. In partnership with Kryptonite, Bike Revolution offers an alternative way of avoiding theft and monitoring the bike’s status from the web or mobile. The Bicycle ID kit comes with 3 pulse ID tags. Registering your bike at the Bike Revolution website gives you a free certification of registration, a mobile phone bike scanner application, access to view the stolen bike database and a listing of your bike if it gets stolen.

Bike Revolution created a network of Bike Detectives who can look out for stolen bikes by scanning the bike they find with the pulse ID tags. If a bike is stolen, aside from reporting the incident to the police, Bike Revolution sends out notices to social networking sites like Facebook and lists your bike as stolen. This alerts other Bike Detectives to be on the…

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Rapha Winter Collar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Winter Collar

rapha winter collar   Rapha Winter Collar

Just in time for winter cycling, Rapha ushers in its Winter Collar for warmth. The famous merino wool blend fabric makes the Rapha Winter Collar a versatile item. To be used for winter cycling or city cycling, the collar is great to cover up your neck and face, protecting it from the cold weather.

It’s breathable, soft to the touch and continues to have that natural wicking quality consistent in merino wool. It comes in colors of pink, red and black. One size fits all since it is stretchable and it has flat locked seams for durability and strength. MSRP is £25.00.

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Rapha Bomber Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Bomber Jacket

rapha bomber jacket   Rapha Bomber Jacket

Rapha introduces the Bomber Jacket, a light weight and comfortable jacket for city rides or daily commuting.

Breaking the Rapha Bomber Jacket down, it features waterproof tough fabric on the shoulders that prevents rips occurring from messenger bag straps.

The body of the Bomber jacket is composed of breathable water resistant materials, while the front panels uses brushed polyester to fight against the wind.

Rapha has paid a fair amount of attention to detail with its Bomber jacket. For example, Rapha placed a small hole on the front for an iPod and cable loops to run it up the shoulder. To stop the jacket from rising up, a jersey rib hem was implemented. On the inside, a large chest pocket is placed that will avoid the straps of messenger bags.

Available now at Rapha for £210.

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Conrad Climbing Bike Lock Prototype

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Conrad Climbing Bike Lock Prototype

Conrad, maker of toys in Germany, came up with an innovative bike lock that climbs up the pole where you park your bike. With this new invention, bike thieves will have a difficult time stealing a bike, unless they use a ladder to get to it. The company sponsored a campaign titled “3 teams, 14 days, 150,000 Opportunities” and Team A from Hamburg submitted this invention.

The climbing bike lock is shaped like a hexagon with roller wheels attached to it. The lock is electronic and the whole mechanism is used with a remote control. The locking of the bike and wheeling it up to the top of the pole is pretty easy to do. Although—the bike lock looks a bit heavy to lug around on a ride. It’s not shown how the arms of the climbing bike lock can be adjusted if used on a thinner pole.

What if…

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