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Rapha Bicycle Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rapha Bicycle Collection

rapha bicycle collection   Rapha Bicycle Collection The new Rapha Bicyle Collection includes four bikes. These are the ‘Every Day’ from Beloved, the ‘Continental’ from Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira, the Independent Fabrication ‘XS’, and the the Cinelli ‘XCR’. Its partnership with these four masters of frame building begins in January, 2011 and for the next two years.
First is the ‘Every Day’ from Beloved, which is conceived by Cycle Works Oregon and hand-built by Chris King in Portland, OR. The features include a Sturmey-Archer 5-speed internal rear hub with a downtime shifter, Chris King Headset and front hub, Nitto ‘Priest’ Bar, aluminum stem and post, Limited Edition Rapha Speedster San Marco Regal saddle, Walnut hand-sewn leather grips, carrying handle and toe clip covers, Honjo fenders by Spectrum and MKS Sylvan road pedal with deep leather toe clip.
Second is the ‘Continental’ from…

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Giro Sheer Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Sheer Helmet

giro sheer   Giro Sheer Helmet For the woman who wants great performance and style, Giro has come up with what they’re calling the most technically advanced snow helmet made yet. The Giro Sheer helmet boasts of plush detailing, an amazing fit and being extremely lightweight. What sets it apart is its “In Form Fit” engineered technology that provides the most comfortable and accurate fit in a matter of seconds. Along with the dial at the base of the helmet that lets you adjust tightness to your own comfort and the vertical tuning feature, you can even fit any goggles and head shape with relative ease.
The Thermostat Control feature allows for temperature adjustment to make sure you’re always feeling fresh. Super cool vents make for great circulation and cooling effect by drawing stale air out and pulling cool air in. Its Stack Vents, meanwhile, guarantee to…

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StringDrive StringBike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   StringDrive StringBike

StringDrives StringBike   StringDrive StringBike

StringDrive, a company based in Hungary, claims that the current bicycle designs together with the drive chain and gears placed on one side makes the ride an asymmetric riding experience that might just be inefficient. And as such, the company StringDrive has announced that they might have created a new and better technology that will give riders a smoother and better ride in the form of their StringBike.

StringDrive’s StringBike uses two similar drive units that run in opposing directions on either side of the bike. The drive unit’s arm swings back and forth when the pedals are turned that in turn pulls a set of steel ropes placed conveniently on either side of the bike, which causes a drum and the rear wheel to rotate.

As you continuously pedal, the mechanisms on both sides of the bike move in perfect symmetry as well as constantly driving the rear wheel making…

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Trek Project One Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek Project One Bike

trek project one bike   Trek Project One Bike

If you’ve ever wanted to build a custom bike fit exactly to your needs and wants, Trek’s Project One just might be the thing you’re looking for.  The Trek Project One Custom Bike Program allows you to turn your biking ideas into reality by letting you customize your own set. Building your own bike is now at your fingertips in three easy steps:

Create It:

This is where you get to build your bike up from scratch. Just pick your overall options, a paint scheme you fancy and maybe even throw in your own name for it.  Once that’s all taken care of, just send your idea to a Trek dealer.

Complete It:

Head on over to your local Trek dealer to make adjustments and fine-tune your specs, sizes and colors with the help of a Trek Project One Pro Fit Consult. Make your downpayment to seal the deal.

Ride It:

Once it’s all done,…

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Surly 2011 Long Haul Trucker Deluxe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Surly 2011 Long Haul Trucker Deluxe

surly 2011 long haul trucker deluxe   Surly 2011 Long Haul Trucker Deluxe

The Surly 2011 Long Haul Trucker Deluxe is your do it all bike. The Long Haul Trucker Deluxe can be setup as a commuter, cyclocross or for other off road cycling.

Ultimately, the 2011 Surly Long Haul Trucker Deluxe is an exceptional traveling bike that is suited with 26″ wheels and S&S Couplers (also known as S&S Machine Company’s BTCs – bicycle torque couplings).

Available to the public Spring 2011 with a retail price of around $1,000.

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Louis Garneau Stratos 2 – Women’s Neon Cycling Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Louis Garneau Stratos 2   Womens Neon Cycling Jacket

Louis Garneau Stratos 2 Womens Neon Cycling Jacket1   Louis Garneau Stratos 2   Womens Neon Cycling Jacket

If you’re looking for a lightweight cycling jacket, the neon cycling design of Louis Garneau Stratos 2 Jacket is one to look into. This jacket ensures comfort for all women cyclists. With its lightweight, breathable and weather-protective design, this cycling jacket is ideal for any rides under unpredictable weather.

The inner collar of Louis Garneau Stratos 2 allows for great breathability and ventilation. With its highly breathable fabric and underarm vents, moisture transfer is easy. It also has elastic wrists and a drawstring waist.

The Louis Garneau Stratos 2 Jacket for women is tailored with micro air fabric that is light, breathable, water resistant, and windproof. Its fabric is also mesh air-dry fabric. Its front two-way zip has an inner flap and chin guard that serves as protection against the elements as it provides maximum ventilation without zipper rub. For better visibility and plenty of storage, its back pocket has…

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2011 Wilier Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wilier Bikes

2011 wilier bikes   2011 Wilier Bikes

Wilier Bikes showcases its 2011 line-up with some updated models and new additions to its existing roster of bikes. The Cento Uno Superleggera gets updated with new special edition colors to commemorate the victories of Cunego and Petacchi on the Giro d”Italia.

The Izoard XP still follows the same tubing and design as that of its predecessor, however, its carbon composition now has an outer layer of I’m tired of pain,and all my other health issues!!!I just don’t like taking meds for EVERTHING I have wrong with me,Home remedies is the way to goWhat do u do with fruit in the different waters?Whether youre just trying to steer clear of the sugary drinks, or aim to really help your body flush out any toxins lurking in your system, this refreshing blend of foods and flavors will satisfy your tastebuds needs. UD carbon fiber. Another upgrade is…

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