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SoundShell Bike Speaker Case

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SoundShell Bike Speaker Case

soundshell bike speaker case   SoundShell Bike Speaker Case

The new SoundShell bike speaker travel Case is a great idea for all riders wanting to protect their beloved gadgets like their ipods or mp3 players while on the road.
This great protective travel case fits perfectly with just about any type of equipment you’ve towed in to the wild for your past cycling expeditions. What’s even great is that you can do away with your headset and go “au natural” with the mp3 speaker capabilities of this case. Basically, it does two things for you. One is protect your stuff from elements that would normally damage them such as water or snow or even shocks from bumps or falls. Secondly, the SoundShell speaker case also gives you the chance to listen to your favorite tunes without the hassles of using earphones or headphones (which are totally dangerous especially if you’re on the road, cycling).
This portable speaker has great…

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Road Holland – The Arnhem Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Road Holland   The Arnhem Jersey

road holland the arnhem jersey   Road Holland   The Arnhem Jersey Road Holland is a new company that specializes in creating quality cycling clothes. In fairness with the company, they do deliver the goods.
The Arnhem jersey is a strong-looking jersey, perfect for riding. Whether it’s winter or fall, the Arnhem aims to keep body temperatures at a comfortable level. Made of 61% polyester and 39% Merino, the Arnhem looks great with jeans. The Arnhem features a full-length zipper with a contrasting orange placket that compliments its whole design.
Built with three cargo pockets with an external stash pocket, headphone cord pass-through in the middle pocket and a waist gripper, the Arnhem retails for $140. …

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2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports Bike

2011 scott sportster 30 hybrid sports bike   2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports Bike

Both a good urban riding bike and a long distance cruiser, the 2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports bike is great for touring and transportation. A smooth ride and plenty of standover clearance is guaranteed by its Sportster 6061 alloy frame.

The frame eyelets of the 2011 Scott Sportster 30 Hybrid Sports bike allows for easy mounting of the Urban-Kit rack and fender system. Through this, riders can conveniently carry their things. Aside from guaranteeing total strength, the alloy frame reduces the Scott Sportster 30‘s weight and makes it rigid enough to keep acceleration without compromising comfort.

For a smooth and powerful ride, the Scott Sportster features an absorbent front fork, Shimano gears, and hydraulically operated disc brakes. Schwalbe also provides the Scott Sportster 30 a good grip with the Smart Sam tires, which can perform well on various surfaces….

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Walz Caps Cycling Caps

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Walz Caps Cycling Caps

walz caps cycling caps   Walz Caps Cycling Caps

Walz Caps are known for creating durable and comfortable cycling caps today. The caps are designed to be use on and off the bike. There are three different styles of cycling caps that Walz Caps offer. First is the classic four-panel that features an elastic back for a comfortable fit, second is the four-panel ear flap, and last is the three-panel, which is soft, that features a bill liner and provides comfort as well as versatility.

Now, there are different kinds of styles and designs of Walz caps that are made suitable for its user.

First are the Cotton Blend caps, which are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They feature a soft, comfortable and flexible bill stabilizer.

Then there are the Moisture Wicking caps. These caps are 100% knit polyester, which are lightweight, coming in at 7 oz. The wicking finish draws the moisture away and the fabric…

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2011 Pashley Britannia Special Edition Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Pashley Britannia Special Edition Bike

2011 pashley britannia special edition bike   2011 Pashley Britannia Special Edition Bike

For riders who are looking for a very comfortable city bike, the 2011 Pashley Britannia Special Edition Bike deserves a try. Though not designed for fast and rough rides, its sturdy construction makes it an ideal bike for commuters who are not in a hurry.

The 2011 Pashley Britannia Special Edition sports traditional and modern designs combined. These have the traditionally lugged and brazed frame, hand brazed tubular crown fork, 26 inch polished rims with cream Schwalbe tires, silver lined mudguards and a wicker basket.

With the Honey Brooks B67s saddle and the dual springs, riders enjoy a comfortable ride. The more the leather saddle is ridden, the more it is shaped to the owner’s bottom shape adding more comfort. Propping the bike up is made easy by its handy propstand.

Other features of this 19kg Pashley Britannia bike are the refined finishing touches, leather grips, chrome plated raised handlebar, hub driven…

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2012 Adidas London Cycling Tees

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Adidas London Cycling Tees

2012 adidas london cycling tee   2012 Adidas London Cycling Tees

Since 1928, Adidas has been involved with the Olympic Games. As the official sportswear partner of London 2012 Team GB and Paralympics GB, Adidas releases cycling tees for 2012.

The 2012 Adidas London Cycling T-Shirts combine an established cycling style with fresh modern graphics and modern materials. A relaxed cycling design makes the Adidas cycling tee an ideal sports garment.

Manufactured with Climacool fabric, the 2012 Adidas London Cycling T-Shirts provide extraordinary comfort to the wearer. Climacool fabric boots the regulation of the wearer’s natural body temperature. Such a fabric is light and breathable so it pulls sweat away from the skin.

Aside from the Climacool fabric, the 2012 Adidas London Cycling Tee also features an excellent cut and reflectivity. The cut is a cycling specific relaxed fit. As for the reflectivity, the Adidas cycling tee features a reflective logo on the left side of the chest. Another extra feature is…

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2011 Montague Boston Folding Single Speed Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Montague Boston Folding Single Speed Bike

2011 montague boston bike   2011 Montague Boston Folding Single Speed Bike

The 2011 Montague Boston bike is a single speed full-size bike that features 700c-wheels, great for cruising around the city. The Boston bike is powered by a single speed 42 x 16t drivetrain, a low weight drivetrain geared-perfect for city riding, which centers around the flip-flop hub that allows the rear wheel to operate as either a fixed gear or free-wheel set up in a simple manner. It provides a simple yet good performance for a typical urban rider.

The frame is designed on a patented folding system that eliminates the need to disassemble the frame in order to fold the bike. Folding would only take less than 20 seconds with just one flip of its installed CLIX system with a quick release lever on the top tube that makes the bike fold to a compact size. The Folding Integrated Technology implemented by Montague is based on frame construction concepts…

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