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2011 Assos climaJet Breaker

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Assos climaJet Breaker

2011 assos climajet breaker   2011 Assos climaJet Breaker

With a new, more contoured pattern design, the 2011 Assos climaJet Breaker is made to become more lightweight and compact than ever before. As the name implies, the climaJet is a top-quality cycling-specific wind and rain breaker suited for training or racing in changing weather conditions.

Another innovation to the climaJet is the fabric design made more resistant to wear and tear. Upon contact with water, the active membrane of the fabric enlarges and offers improved rain protection when necessary. On the sides, air vents provide efficient cooling and evaporation.

Through the Assos Easy Entry System construction, the zipper closing of the 2011 Assos climaJet Breaker is made faster and more secure. The jacket also features a padded neck line for more comfort and reflective stripes in the back for better visibility.

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2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket

2011 bosun merino wool bike jacket   2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket

Fashionable cyclists will surely love to add the 2011 Bosun Merino Wool Bike Jacket to their cycling apparel collection. One of the major features of this lightweight jacket is the perfect cyclist base layer.

From the full apparel collection of Mission Workshop, this cycling jacket is constructed from New Zealand merino wool and provides an external mobile phone pocket, internal ipod pocket, touring-style zippers, and tweave reinforced shoulders and elbows.

What makes the 2011 Bosun Merino Wool a fully-taped waterproof, breathable jacket perfect for cycling is the Orion Waterproof Shell and the four-way stretch Schoeller c_change™ fabric. For extra mobility, the jacket has an entire bottom ¾ of the bike jacket in the merino wool fabric.

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2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

2011 levi’s cycling apparel   2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel

Levi’s is conquering the cycling world by launching a commuter line this year. First off is the classic 511® Skinny Commuter jean developed with proprietary nanopsphere treatment that keeps it stain-free. The denim fabric used is lightweight and stretchy. The holster is made more durable by a subtle detail.

Integrated into the denim is a zippered stash pocket and a u-lock holster complete with campione del monde stripes. Also, the jeans are gusseted to avoid crotch blowout while a higher-cut back hides the plumber’s crack. For better visibility, 3M-lining is added on the inner cuff.

Aside from the jeans, the 2011 Levi’s Cycling Apparel features a cycling jacket. Along with the same nanopsphere treatment, the Trucker jacket is made more cycling-specific by the classic silhouette’s subtle details and the sleeves’ reinforced accordion design. Breathability is enhanced by the vents across the back.

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2011 Civia Halsted

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Civia Halsted

2011 civia halsted   2011 Civia Halsted

Featuring a 20-inch front and 26-inch rear wheel, the 2011 Civia Halsted is a front loaded cargo bike that offers the most stable of rides, thanks to its fully loaded front HDPE, or the recycled high density polyethylene, deck. Aside from that, the Halsted is definitely a good-looking machine.

Aside from the recycled HDPE big front rack deck, some of the major features of the Halsted are the nine-speed drivetrain, tough steel frame, and disc brakes up front. While most cargo bikes are designed for industrial-level hauling, the Civia Halsted is made for lighter duties.

Being a family bike, the 2011 Civia Halsted is a redesign of a classic cycle truck that every member of the family could use to do their errands. Moreover, the Halsted is very affordable and is compact and light enough to carry upstairs weighing just 40 pounds.

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Actor Robin Williams Gets pulled Over in New York for Cycling

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Actor Robin Williams Gets pulled Over in New York for Cycling

actor robin williams gets pulled over in new york for cycling   Actor Robin Williams Gets pulled Over in New York for Cycling

Actor Robin Williams recently shared his experience with the ladies of “The View” regarding his recent brush with the police while cruising on his bike in New York City.

According to Williams, he was on the road dressed as a “terrorist” or a “crack dealer” when he made a quick detour up to the sidewalk on his bike. The comedian swore that at the time, there was nobody looking and that the coast was clear.

He was surprised when he got pulled over by the cops.

The authorities at first did not recognize the Oscar Award winning actor but when the police did recognize him, he was let off with a warning.

The View host Elisabeth Hasselbeck exclaimed “I got hit by a bike on a sidewalk!” to which Williams quickly replied “Well, it’s the law because of her,” much to the laughter of the audience and the hosts….

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2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

2011 dzr strasse riding shoe 2   2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe

Stylish and unique, the 2011 DZR Strasse riding shoe combines a classic herringbone fabric and full grain leather. What gives the shoe a beautiful look is the mix of SPD compatible midsole and a vulcanized rubber outsole.

Compared more urban orientated shoes, traditional riding shoes offer more comfort to commuters due to loss of power transfer to the pedals. This is why the sole’s flex point of DZR is moved further back towards the rear, resulting in a natural walking gait.

This means that the 2011 DZR Strasse Riding Shoe can efficiently move with the rider’s feet. Throughout the pedal stroke, more power is delivered to the pedals on the bike but it cannot outwit more race performance oriented shoes. On the other hand, the DZR Strasse style is top-notch.

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2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD Shoes

2011 chrome kursk pro spd shoes   2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD Shoes

Fusing casual walking shoes together with an efficient cycling shoes can be seen in the 2011 Chrome Kursk Pro SPD shoes.

The new Pro SPD shoes from Chrome might look like a plain and casual pair of shoes but check what it has underneath and what’s inside and you get to see a clearer picture of what exactly it can do.

These pair of cycling shoes offer great efficiency and foot support for pedaling in any road condition as well as provide added power and safety for your foot. On the flipside, the new Kursk footware also looks trendy and can be worn outside of the usual cycling circle.

Definitely a great looking addition to your cycling equipment or even for your collection of sneakers or other footware.

It currently fetches for $120.00 and is available both online and even on bike specialty stores. …

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