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2011 Infiniti3D Bicycle Security System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Infiniti3D Bicycle Security System

2011 infiniti3d bicycle security system   2011 Infiniti3D Bicycle Security System

To enhance the protection from thieves, the 2011 infiniti3D security system has reliable components that offer top-notch security other systems cannot. Almost infinite permutations are offered by the system, thanks to the patent pending 3D key design.

Almost each exposed part on the bike can be locked by the system. This is made possible by the Atomic22, which designs a new key. To truly be able to prevent every part from theft, Atomic22 uses a compact, internal key instead of an external key or socket to lock parts to the bike.

Compared to some locking skewers, Pitlock boasts a set of remarkable 256 different Pit keys but the design is currently limited to brakes, axles, expendable dropout bolts, and 1 1/8th threadless topcaps. With 3D key design, Atomic 22, and Pitlock, the 2011 infiti3D offers optimal bike security.

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Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag

ortlieb ultimate 5 plus bar bag   Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag

Riders looking for quality bar bags should definitely take the time to check the new Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag.

Place all your stuff, including your sunglasses and energy bars, into one simple and easy-to-use handlebar bag from Ortlieb.

The new Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus Bar Bag is lightweight but at the same time heavy duty. It can hold as much as 7 liters of content in it like an extra pair of clothes or other personal belongings.

The bar bag is heavy duty thanks to the fabric that was used and can even be converted to a shoulder bag on the fly. The Ultimate 5 can also be removed as it is easily placed on the handlebar.

To protect your bag from being stolen, the bag is also equipped with a lockable mounting set. An extension adapter for extreme bends is also available. For the techie riders out there, a GPS or…

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2011 Oopsmark Bike Leather Wine Holder

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Oopsmark Bike Leather Wine Holder

2011 oopsmark bike leather wine holder   2011 Oopsmark Bike Leather Wine Holder

A steam punk designer who is fond of leather, Oopsmark introduces a leather bicycle wine carrier for 2011. This leather wine carrier is an excellent street bicycle adornment that secures firmly to the frame so that the two parts do not come apart.

Aside from its classy design, what is great with Oopsmark is that it works on different sized bottles. Moreover, all the fittings and hardware combined the leather with brass, which does not corrode and it will age magnificently into a greenish copper color.

While 2011 Oopsmark Bike Leather Wine Holder can be a great gift for eco-friendly dads who love leather, wine and bike, it is also ideal for any hot blooded men who are fond of tinkering with their well-designed and fashionable machines.

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Xootr Crossrack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Xootr Crossrack

xootr crossrack   Xootr Crossrack

Road riders looking for a way to bring more stuff when they hit the road can definitely benefit from the new Xootr CrossRack.

With the new Crossrack from Xootr, added baggages can be carried on this vertical and stable rack. According to Crossrack makers Xootr, this innovative add-on utilizes the space behind the rider and helps you put your backpack where you’d want it the most, behind you.

Installation might look complex but a quick visit to Xootr’s main website and you’d easily pick up how to install the bike rack. What’s great about the Crossrack is that it can easily be mounted to just about any road bike or scooter. Despite the size it carries, the crossrack delivers a low drag thanks the positioning of the rack on the slipstream.

This bike rack is also made of welded aluminum but surprisingly light with a total weight of 664 grams. It’s also…

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2011 Patagonia Olulu Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Patagonia Olulu Shoes

2011 patagonia olulu shoes   2011 Patagonia Olulu Shoes

Walkers, travelers and sidewalk commuters will love the comfort and durability of the 2011 Patagonia Olulu Shoes. Manufactures with a supportive dual-density EVA midsole, the Olulu features equal parts of hemp and leather.

Comfort and durability is guaranteed by the pigskin leather lining of the shoes. Moisture and temperature are controlled by the Dri-Lex® merino wool footbed lining. The use of solvents and adhesives is reduced, thanks to the durable opanka-stitched hevea-milk latex outsole.

Approved by Leather Working Group environmental standards, the hemp and suede leather of the 2011 Patagonia Olulu Shoes is safe, breathable, and durable. This is definitely a good-looking pair of bike shoes that guarantees reliable performance.

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Freshmax Maidstone Shirt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Freshmax Maidstone Shirt

freshmax maidstone shirt   Freshmax Maidstone Shirt

Though it is not a bike-specific garment, the Freshmax Maidstone Shirt can guarantee no signs of sweat during daily rides. Tailored with 100% cotton, this shirt can effectively take the sweat out of commuters. What actively avoids sweat marks is the SmartWeave technology.

A unique feature that this shirt can do that other bike shirts cannot is that heat escapes from the collar. However, although sweat escapes quickly, the garment still needs to be washed as frequent as other bike clothing.

Climate control is enhanced by the SmartWeave technology featuring the inner surface that wicks sweat away from the skin and distribute it across the entire garment. For those who want to wear normal clothing and avoid sweat while riding a bike, the Freshmax Maidstone Shirt is the ideal garment.

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Chrome Pawn Rolltop Backpack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chrome Pawn Rolltop Backpack

chrome pawn rolltop backpack   Chrome Pawn Rolltop Backpack

Chrome, best known for their messenger bags, has something in the backpack department worth looking into, the Chrome Pawn, which is an all-purpose pack that sports a seam-sealed and roll tight waterproof compartment.

This cycling friendly backpack is made of a fabric with 1000 denier Cordura outer shell with 18 oz. seam-sealed truck tarp liner all the way from Chico, California, USA. The bag’s flat dimensions are 18” wide, 19” high, 6” deep. It also sports Laser-cut unbreakable stainless steel hardware with external wet-dry pockets and daisy chain lash points.

The comfy Chrome Pawn backpack is laptop compatible, up to 15.4”, but it does not, however, have any integrated laptop sleeve. The bag’s typical haul may include 24 beers, a bag of ice, change of clothes, personal belongings and even your lunch. It currently fetches for $160.00.

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