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Craft Cool Bike Boxer

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Craft Cool Bike Boxer

craft cool bike boxer   Craft Cool Bike Boxer

For riders who are commuting everyday, one essential cycling garment to ensure comfort is the Craft Cool Bike Boxer. Because of its excellent comfort from its chamois benefits, it is also ideal for those who just want to go for a relaxed ride.

Making this ideal for daily use are its bike-friendly features. These features include a super cooling effect, slim and lightweight fit, and Pro Cool mesh panels in the sides. The moisture transportation and ergonomic fit for total freedom of movements are also excellent.

While it looks like a standard boxer short, the Craft Cool Bike Boxer are performance bike pants that are designed to be highly breathable. Also, the garment has an integrated Antimicrobial El Light Men Chamois that guarantee cycling comfort and ease of movement.

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2011 swrve Cycling Jeans

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 swrve Cycling Jeans

2011 swrve cycling jeans   2011 swrve Cycling Jeans

Commuters will look great on and off the bike with the 2011 swerve Cycling Jeans. Ease of cycling movement is guaranteed by the fabric of the garment, which is made of 98% cotton and 2% Lycra. For more comfort, the jeans have a seamless gusseted crotch.

Riders enjoy a nice bike or barstool fit, which is enhanced by the cycling jeans’ articulated knees. To prevent the belt from digging into the rider’s gut, the waist in front of the jeans is styled low. On the other hand, the waist in back is made higher for design and warmth.

With a fashionable trim fit, the 2011 swerve Cycling Jeans are suitable for daily use. Durability is enhanced by the topnotch YKK zipper 8 rivets. On the inside right leg, there is a reflective strip that is exposed when the chain side leg is turned up.

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Ogio Road Trip Bag

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ogio Road Trip Bag

ogio road trip bag   Ogio Road Trip Bag

Styled as a cycling specific shoulder bag for women, the Ogio Road Trip Bag is an exquisite messenger bag that goes along very well with stylish women bikes. Women riders have a lot of color options, including aqua, black, buttercream, and navy.

Included in the varied pockets of the bag is a quite mysterious pocket. There is a small ‘no men’ symbol on the pocket. The main compartment is zipped, lightly padded and is large enough to steadily accommodate most laptops that are around 15 inches.

A greatly designed courier bag, the Ogio Road Trip Bag features a feminine edge and refined proportions. With a strap that curves around to sit across the chest, the bag hangs across the lumbar area of the rider’s back. Its only setback is its lack of stability on the back that makes it not very practical.

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2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket

2011 nalini nespolo jacket   2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket

An environmentally friendly cycling garment, the 2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket is made of mantoVent fabric with Rete Power material. This means that the fabric is made from recycled bottles. Breathable mesh inserts are added for better ventilation.

While the skinny polyester fabric blocks the wind, the fabric is fairly breathable. Also, the fabric features an anti-droplet treatment that makes the jacket water repellent. With a racing cut, the jacket has a high collar and elasticated waist and cuffs.

Highly effective, the 2011 Nalini Nespolo Jacket is a topnotch lightweight windproof jacket. It is small enough to fit into a jersey internal pocket. When the rider needs to keep the cool air out, this cycling jacket makes a substantial difference to the body temperature.

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2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet

2011 bell arella urban sport helmet   2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet

Compared to other helmets of the same price, the 2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport is considered to be one of the most innovative ones. Its awesome styling and features make this fairly lightweight helmet perfect for urban cyclists, recreational riders and commuters.

Integrated into the nylon web of the helmet at the rear are flashing red lights that make the helmet aesthetically appealing. Unless the rider is wearing gloves, these red lights are easy to switch on and off. For replacement, the batteries are easy to get as well.

On the other hand, if the rider is wearing a high-necked jacket or top, the lights are not readily visible. For more visibility, a safety feature is added to the 2011 Bell Arella Urban Sport Helmet backed up by a light bracket positioned higher up on the cranium.

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2011 Setup Clothing Cycling Tees

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Setup Clothing Cycling Tees

2011 setup clothing cycling tees   2011 Setup Clothing Cycling Tees

Ideal garments on and off the bike are T-shirts from the 2011 Setup Clothing cycling apparel. The range includes the Moto Covert T-shirt, Minimal T-Shirt and Japan Freeride Tee. These cycling tees are designed with fashionable riders in mind.

Both of the Moto Covert T-shirt and Minimal T-Shirt are designed with a unique style with bold but not exaggerated prints and exquisite graphics and colors. As for the Japan Freeride Tee, not everyone can read it at first so it looks really special.

Without making the riders look like over the top fashion victims, the 2011 Setup Clothing Cycling T-shirts feature outstanding designs that vary from brand focused logos to original looking mountain bike focused prints. At low prices, Setup Clothing is definitely a recommendable high street fashion brand.

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2011 Infiniti3D Bicycle Security System

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Infiniti3D Bicycle Security System

2011 infiniti3d bicycle security system   2011 Infiniti3D Bicycle Security System

To enhance the protection from thieves, the 2011 infiniti3D security system has reliable components that offer top-notch security other systems cannot. Almost infinite permutations are offered by the system, thanks to the patent pending 3D key design.

Almost each exposed part on the bike can be locked by the system. This is made possible by the Atomic22, which designs a new key. To truly be able to prevent every part from theft, Atomic22 uses a compact, internal key instead of an external key or socket to lock parts to the bike.

Compared to some locking skewers, Pitlock boasts a set of remarkable 256 different Pit keys but the design is currently limited to brakes, axles, expendable dropout bolts, and 1 1/8th threadless topcaps. With 3D key design, Atomic 22, and Pitlock, the 2011 infiti3D offers optimal bike security.

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