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2011 Bioflex Ozone Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bioflex Ozone Saddle

2011 bioflex ozone saddle   2011 Bioflex Ozone Saddle

Bioflex has released a leisure saddle called Ozone for 2011. To optimize comfort, this general purpose saddle features a full cut-out section in the middle of the base. Through this, the excess forward pressure points can be reduced.

Flexing in the pressure areas is the dual-density Shocklite base. Moreover, the saddle features shock absorbing gel cushioning. On the sides, there are scuff-resistant bumper panels while at the rear, a reflective panel is included.

Designed for commuting or touring, the 2011 Bioflex Ozone Saddle offers maximum comfort. Weighing in at 443g, this saddle is packed with excellent features. Along with the embroidered logo of this must have saddle is a simple but nice look.

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2011 Rickshaw Bags

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rickshaw Bags

2011 rickshaw bags   2011 Rickshaw Bags

Rickshaw Bags has launched three Skinny bike bags to add to cycling apparel collections for 2011. These are the Skinny Commuter Laptop Bag, and the Skinny Backpack, Mini Commuter Bag. All of the waterproof bags have exclusive magnetic silencers and Velcro and clip shut closure.

Along with the super slim profile and stand-up design of the Skinny Commuter Laptop Bag is its custom fabric selection. This PVC-free bag features an exclusive quick-adjust shoulder strap, metal hardware on bag straps, rear flat organizational and internal slash pockets, and built-in water bottle holders.

Also, the PVC-free Skinny Backpack with stowable straps can hold up to a 15in laptop with a removable sleeve included. For digital minimalists, the Mini Commuter Bag is ideal as it perfectly fits in any urban travel bike basket. The three 2011 Rickshaw Bags are definitely stylish and very useful for riders.

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2011 Velorbis Bike Basket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Velorbis Bike Basket

2011 velorbis bike basket   2011 Velorbis Bike Basket

Velorbis, maker of the iconic and classic designer bikes, has announced the release of its new bike basket system with an amazing 15kg load capacity, making it the world’s strongest basket. This basket is created based on the unique patent pending FrameFix mounting bracket, also a new Velorbis invention.

The new Velorbis FrameFix mounting bracket is a totally consumer-driven solution to all cycling storage problems. Attached to the head tube not to the handlebars, it keeps the accompanying basket in a fixed position when cycling. This provides more stability and strength.

In terms of design functionality and aesthetics, the 2011 Velorbis Bike Basket is completely unique. Thanks to the inner core strength offered by the Velorbis FrameFix mounting mechanism that maximizes the load capacity of bike baskets without compromising balance and steering ability.

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2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

2011 whyte cambridge commuter road bike   2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike

Whyte offers high-speed stability and slow-speed maneuverability with its very stylish hybrid road bike released for 2011 called Cambridge. The high-speed stability is achieved through its long wheelbase and relaxed head angle while the slow-speed maneuverability is offered by its shorter stem.

Though lightweight, the 6061 Hydro Formed T6 frame is extremely strong. To clear the way for any required mudguards or rack, the rear hydraulic disc brake caliper is mounted inside the rear triangle by the custom rear dropout. Its carbon front fork improves ride quality and absorbs road vibrations.

Superb and versatile, the 2011 Whyte Cambridge Commuter Road Bike tackles general riding, fast commuting, and fitness very well. While puncture resistant Maxxis Detonator tires made the bike superbly durable, the uniquely profiled rear stays offer outstanding comfort and responsiveness.

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2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack

2011 ibera pakrak commuter bike bag and rack   2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack

One hot item for urban commuters this 2011 is the Ibera PakRak Commuter. This bike cargo system is perfect for riders who do not want to carry a messenger bag. Compared to a typical backpack or messenger bag, a combination of a bike bag and rack can carry more things.

All the compartments are very useful especially in organizing the rider’s gear. Clipping and unclipping the pack on the bike are very easy with the front’s plastic tongue that fits well into the rack and the back’s quick release clip that secures it. Its excellent build quality features a durable hard plastic bottom.

With the 2011 Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag and Rack, commuters who run errands, go to work, or carry stuff around town enjoy much convenience. Convenience is optimized by the details of this cargo system. The only downside is its waterproof quality, which is not perfectly reliable….

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2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

2011 lazer krux bike helmet   2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet

Released by Lazer this 2011 is a bike helmet called Krux, which can be a nice addition to an urban helmet collections. Despite its rough and tough design, the helmet is very light and fits very nicely on the head without creating lots of heat. With plenty of venting, air circulation is nicely facilitated.

A ridged barrel adjuster called Rollsys adjusts the suspension system inside the helmet that allows for extra coolness. Instead of sliders, the bike helmet has authentic clamps on the straps. With secure strap adjustment clamps, riders do not have to touch the straps once they are adjusted right for the head.

Reasonably priced and neatly styled, the 2011 Lazer Krux Bike Helmet is a good item for urban riders. On the negative side, riders may not appreciate it when it catches too much wind and makes some noise. This minor downside can be condoned,…

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Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

rab shadow hoodie jacket   Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

A great cycling garment that can be worn year round is the Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket. Though not originally designed for riding, it has qualities that are perfect for winter and summer rides. Well put together, this garment can tackle any tough rides just like a sturdy bike.

Though quite pricey, this jacket is very multifunctional. During chilly conditions, the Rab Shadow Hoodie can be worn under a waterproof shell or down jacket as a mid-layer over a base layer. But in summer, it can function as an outer layer during the cool evening. It has some nice thumb loops, too.

Made from Polartec Windpro and Hardface technology, the Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket offers both warmth and resistance from water. It can survive numerous washes after several muddy rides without easily getting frayed. However, its stretchiness will be great for slim riders but not for those with fuller…

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