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2012 Raleigh Furley

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Raleigh Furley

2012 raleigh furley   2012 Raleigh Furley

Raleigh has released a new steel bike called Furley for 2012. The Furley is a full chromoly steel, including the fork, with a BB30 bottom bracket. Larger BB standard was used to fill an unconventional bottom bracket that is custom-made by FSA in it to allow using standard dropouts at the rear.

Riders can have a geared bike simply by swapping in a standard BB30 bottom bracket and crankset and attaching a derailleur and cassette. Fenders and racks can easily be tackled by the custom rear dropouts, which have mounts for everything.

Designed for riders who prefer tougher and stronger bikes over standard commuters, the 2012 Raleigh Furley is ideal for many urban riders. During winter, riders can be in control without destroying the wheelset, thanks to the bold single-speed sports disk brakes and thicker tires for cobblestone streets.

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2011 Rain Shield O2 Rainwear Cycling Jacket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Rain Shield O2 Rainwear Cycling Jacket

2011 rain shield o2 rainwear cycling jacket   2011 Rain Shield O2 Rainwear Cycling Jacket

Rain Shield has one of the best cycling rain jackets in store for 2011 called the O2 Rainwear. Reasonably priced, the jacket has a high-quality WPB breathable microporous fabric, which stands for its reliable waterproof and breathable qualities.

Not only is the fabric waterproof and breathable its three-layered fabric of polypropylene is also windproof and incredibly lightweight, especially because it has no protective inner lining and pockets. Moreover, it costs less than other WPB fabrics that are made from teflon or polyurethane coatings.

Though designed to save cost and weight, the 2011 Rain Shield O2 Rainwear Cycling Jacket guarantees excellent features. These include a waterproof zipper, high collar, long sleeves, sealed seams, extended drop tail in the back, and a very visible yellow color.

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2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet

2011 lazer urbanize night helmet   2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet

To help make city rides at night more comfortable and free from anxiety, Lazer has released a gorgeous helmet for 2011 called Urbanize Night. Snapping lightly into the helmet are two integrated LED lights, white in the front and red in the rear.

Riders can keep a cool head with the moisture wicking lining of the Urbanize Night. Great ventilation is offered by its massive six vents. With Roll-Sys fit system, the bike helmet features 360 degrees of security on the head. It has an integrated visor, too.

Weighing in at about 380g, the 2011 Lazer Urbanize Night Helmet is an ideal city helmet not only during night time but during the day as well. With its casual look, the bike helmet can nicely match any leisure and regular workday outfits.

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Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle

brooks b67 sprung leather saddle   Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle

For those who prefer to sit straight on their bikes, the ideal saddle is the B67 Sprung Leather from Brooks. As one of the wider Brooks saddles, the B6 Sprung Leather is quite wide enough to offer a comfortable position. Weighing at 1530g, the saddle is 260mm long and 210mm wide.

In order to get rid of the tingle caused by road bumps, the saddle is filled with springs underneath. While its handlebars are slightly higher than the saddle, most of the weight of the rider is put on the saddle.

As one of the ultimate saddles for comfort available on the market, the Brooks B67 Sprung Leather Saddle is ideal for riders who regard comfort highly. With chrome springs and black steel rails, the saddle is available in a honey or black leather top.

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2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

2011 lazer cityzen helmet   2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet

Lazer has added a hot new item to its 2011 lineup of helmets, which is the Cityzen. As the name implies, this is an urban helmet that will surely not fail to catch attention with its chic design. Riders who want to commute in style will definitely fall in love with the 2011 Lazer Cityzen Helmet.

Not only does the Cityzen provide a stylish look. The helmet provides perfect protection from the sun as well with its built-in sun visor. Moreover, excellent comfort is guaranteed by its excellent fit adjustment system.

Along with the classy grey or black plaid look are the smooth colors, lively silhouette, and defined TurnFit security system. With its guaranteed comfort, perfect fit, unique and beautiful design, and an efficient visor, there is nothing to dislike about the Cityzen helmet.

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2011 Biria CitiBike Men Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Biria CitiBike Men Road Bike

2011 biria citibike men road bike   2011 Biria CitiBike Men Road Bike

Biria has introduced a steel road bike for men called CitiBike for 2011. The fenders, front lunch rack, and rear rack and all standard accessories of this full 700c road bike are painted specifically for men riders. However, the fenders of the newest edition are painted a women version of the bike.

Along with the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain are topnotch features, such as the saddle with a perfect ergonomic shape. Its caramel/alpaca colors are very stylish and it comes with a bell that announces the presence of the rider while hitting the road.

Men riders will definitely love to commute or visit the park with the 2011 Biria CitiBike Men Road Bike, which is also incredibly affordable. Furthermore, sporty women riders can use this bike with its classically crafted frame, which features a comfortable riding position that suits the ladies.

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2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

2011 gore bike wear power beanie   2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie

Gore Bike Wear created an all-around bike commuting kit item called Power Beanie for 2011. This versatile function provided by the cinch cord allows the rider to wear it as a scarf or a hat. Either way, its easy and simple stow-and-go size keeps it readily available in pack fulltime during the cold season.

For ventilation once set out, the head-top hole of the beanie can be adjusted. The wind-blocking warmth provided by WindStopper Soft Shell fabric is versatile. During cold rides, the rider just needs to close the hole snug. But when warming up, the hole must be slightly opened.

For a better riding experience, the 2011 Gore Bike Wear Power Beanie keeps the riders’ ears warm and head vented at all times. Not only is this one-size-fit-all beanie comfortable to wear. It is well-constructed as well so it stays intact even after weeks of daily commuting…

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