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Nitrous Wheels by Eastern 2010 BMX

nitrous wheels eastern 2010 bmx   Nitrous Wheels by Eastern 2010 BMX

Available in a wide selection of colors, Eastern presents the new Nitrous Wheels for 2010. Designed specifically for BMX, you have the option of single shot or double shot, and depending on the riding you perform you may want to go for the double shot wheels. The Nitrous single shot front wheel retails for $49.99, rear is $79.99, while the Nitrous Double shot is a bit steeper, $64.99 for the front and $99.99 for the rear. Purchase now at Danscomp.

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Impakt Sidehack BMX Bike by Hyper Bike Co

impakt sidehack by hyper bike co   Impakt Sidehack BMX Bike by Hyper Bike Co

On an episode of “Fantasy Factor”, a MTV show starring Rob Dyrdek, Dyrdek and his former business partner DJGrey sought out to reproduce a BMX bike known as the Impakt Sidehack. Hyper Bike Co. specced this retro BMX classic with high-performance steel, made to withstand a beating at the bike-park or a casual cruise for others. The tandem BMX bike will come with a brake cable rotor for your 360 degree bar-spin needs, a modern BMX design, and of course room for the “pilots” buddy, the “monkey” as it’s termed. A release date hasn’t been announced a this point, but the Sidehack will be made available at Walmart for $259 when it drops.

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Haro Race Lite 2010 BMX Frame

haro race lite frame 1   Haro Race Lite 2010 BMX Frame

The Haro Race Lite 2010 BMX Frame should come as a surprise as well as a blessing for riders who just don’t seem to fit the common frame sizes. The Haro Race Lite 2010 BMX Frame comes in 20.75″ – 21″, and 21.25″ – 21.50″. The 20.75″ frame has a 14.75″ rear center, while the 21″, 21.25″, and 21.50″ have a 15.2″ rear center. The frame features a fully integrated head tube, with an 11.5″ bb height. This frame is also very light, with the 21″ version weighing in at 3lbs, 6oz. It is available in either Matte Black or Gloss White, with a retail price of $269.99.

Via Haro Bikes.

Haro Race Lite 2010 BMX Frame

Haro Race Lite 2010 BMX Frame

Haro Race Lite 2010 BMX Frame…

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Haro Gutter Shark BMX Frame

haro gutter shark bmx frame   Haro Gutter Shark BMX Frame

Unsatisfied with last year’s Lowpez frame, Haro is seeking redemption by adding the Haro Gutter Shark to its collection of BMX bikes. The Haro Gutter Shark is said to be a revamped Lowpez frame on steroids. The weight on this frame is 3lbs 12oz, making a perfect strength to weight ration. We caught the Haro Gutter Shark on our last day at InterBike as thing were closing, so we weren’t able to get the full lowdown on it. Check back soon for specifications on the Gutter Shark….

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Bell x Paul Frank Faction and Fraction Helmets

bell paul frank faction fraction helmets 1   Bell x Paul Frank Faction and Fraction Helmets

Bell Sports has recently teamed up with the famous Paul Frank brand for some cool new helmets, the Faction and Fraction. The helmets are universally sized, and feature Paul Frank’s signature, Julius the Monkey. The Faction was originally released to be a dirt jump slash trail helmet, but has gained popularity from riders of all different styles and terrain. The Fraction, a smaller version of the Faction made for kids, was recently released. Both helmets are certified by the CPSC and CE1078 bicycle standards, and the ASTM 1492 skate standard. The helmets feature a durable ABS plastic hard shell, dual density EPS foam, printed interior pads, coordinated strap webbing, and color-matched buckles. The Bell Paul Frank Faction and Fraction both retail for $40.

Via Bike Radar.

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SE 26″ OM Flyer 2010 BMX

se 26 om flyer 2010 bmx   SE 26 OM Flyer 2010 BMX

Claimed to be one of the biggest head turners of SE’s line, the 2010 26” OM Flyer BMX is wrapped with 100 dollar bills on the frame, fork, and bars. This is a retro bike that was first created in the 1980’s and SE brought the frame back. It features a looptail rear end, fluted seat post, landing gear forks, and, new for 2010, are the 2 piece grips, similar to the old Oakley B1B grips, that allow you to perfectly match to your 2-toned bike. It has a 48-spline crank set and X-Pedo pedals. At a weight of 27.2 lbs, the mantra for the bike is as followed, “Green is for the money and the gold is for the hunnies.” MSRP: $800.

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2010 Mankind BMX Frames

2010 mankind bmx frames   2010 Mankind BMX Frames

If your looking for the new 2010 Mankind BMX Frames, then look no more! Available in the Mankind 2010 Frames are Mankind Mellow, Mankind Archangel 3.0, Mankind Neworld 2.0, Mankind Forward 2.0, Mankind Justice, and Mankind Alive 2.0. Most are designed around Flatland BMX, and some Street frames, with the top tube lower for you to move around. Click below to see the rest, plus the specifications. Via TransWorld.

Mankind Alive 2.0 BMX Frame
Specifically made around Flatland, the Mankind Alive 2.0 has changed for 2010, but still features removable u-brake mounts and guides, and MK bridges on chain and seat stays. Available in white, raw, clear red, and matte black. Weighing in at 4.08 pounds.

Mankind Forward 2.0 BMX Frame
On to Jeff Klugiewicz’s frame, the Forward 2.0 2010 has also decreased in size with a 34.0mm TT diameter, removable U-Brake mounts…

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