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Haro SD Dennis Enarson Signature Frame

haro sd dennis enarson signature frame   Haro SD Dennis Enarson Signature Frame

This is the first look at the Haro SD Dennis Enarson Signature frame, and you might think the frame looks dull, but we can assure you a sticker set is in the works, along with other details like colors. Known as the SD, which stands for San Diego (Dennis Enarson’s hometown), and features 20 inch and 21 inch top tube, built in seat clamp, 13.75 inch back end, 75 degree head tube angle, tapered rear stays, removable brake mounts, and milled out drop outs. The frame weighs 4 pounds 2 ounces, and a specific release date is unknown, but a speculation time of the far off future.

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Milwaukee Bicycle Company Nickel Bar End Caps

milwaukee bicycle company nickel bar end caps   Milwaukee Bicycle Company Nickel Bar End Caps

Back in the days, before bar end caps existed, cyclists would place a nickel between your handle bars and the hole in your grips. As a tribute release, and a sign of the times, Milwaukee Bicycle Company released the Nickel Bar End Caps. Simply put, you place the bar end cap on the end of your handlebars, and you would take the nickel and shove it in the bar end caps. Randomly selected nickels will be sent with every purchase of Milwaukee Bicycle Company Nickel Bar End Caps, and it is strongly suggested to super glue the nickel in so someone will not snatch it. Available at Milwaukee Bicycle Company for $11.99.

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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Cortex DH MIPS helmet by POC

cortex dh mips helmet by poc1   Cortex DH MIPS helmet by POC

In the last 2 years POC has expanded its protective gear selection to meet the growing demands of downhill, freeride, and BMX riders. In store for 2010 is the Cortex DH MIPS helmet by POC. The Cortex DH MIPS was specifically designed to reduce rotational violence in the case of an impact. POC accomplished its anti rotational violence downhill helmet by teaming up some expert in the field, MIPS. The helmet features patent pending aramid reinforced in-mold liner, which is enclosed in an advance protective carbon shell. In addition, the liner houses a polycarbonate layer, covering the multi-impact Super EPP core. POC’s downhill helmet will be offered in an array of colors and graphics.

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Shadow Conspiracy Slicker Peg Sleeves

New from Shadow Conspiracy is the Slicker Sleeves, which are plastic covers that will slide over your pegs allowing them to be slicker and grind in more places you thought you couldn’t. Made to fit over the Shadow Little Ones pegs, the Shadow Conspiracy Slicker Peg Sleeves are demonstrated by Ryan Sher, showing how easy it is to use them, plus having some fun on the side. The Slicker sleeves will hit Shadow Conspiracy retailers in Spring 2010….

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Hoffman B-Rad Pivotal Seat Brad Simms Signature

hoffman b rad pivotal seat brad simms signature   Hoffman B Rad Pivotal Seat Brad Simms Signature

Brad Simms signature BMX seat is called the B-Rad, and is produced by none other than Hoffman Bikes. The Hoffman B-Rad Pivotal Seat Brad Simms Signature is available in two versions, mid padding and slim padding, but both will contain Kevlar cover, and has Brad’s flight plan with a airplane in gold stitched across the seat.

Source: VitalBMX

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Spank Scented Grips

spank scented grips   Spank Scented Grips

You know its the sign of the times when a company is making scented bike grips, and Spank will have these available for 2010. Each Spank Scented Grip will smell like either a fruit or whatever is closets to the grip color, except for black (Magic Black) which does not contain a smell. The “smells” available are apple red, grape purple, berry blue, zesty orange, and vanilla white. Spank Scented Grips also have a DE-BOSSED pattern, allowing you to have more contact with the grips. Length of the grips are 145mm and also has expander caps using stainless steel hardware. You might want to make note that the grips are not lock ons, so depending on your riding you may want to reconsider purchase. Available in the UK for £7.99.

Source: Pink Bike

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KHE Rotor CD Sprocket

khe rotor cd sprocket   KHE Rotor CD Sprocket

KHE new Rotor CD Sprocket are manufactured in Germany, and was actually constructed in one of the leading high end motorcycle manufacturers. The KHE Rotor CD Sprocket is CNC machined, while using a one of a kind process to make the teeth known as diamond cut. Claimed by KHE, their new KHE Rotor CD Sprocket is amongst the most durable and strongest on the market.
Source: Transworld

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