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One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie

one industries rockstar ladies zip hoodie   One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie

We at Bike Reviews know that there are just as many female cycling enthusiasts out there as there are male, so here we feature the Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie from One Industries. It comes in a white color way with gray diagonal stripes throughout, with the “Double R” Rockstar logo in the center. There is also a Rockstar logo on the right sleeve. The One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie features a fur lined hood to keep the head and neck warm, and comes in small, medium, or large. The One Industries Rockstar Ladies Zip Hoodie is available for purchase at Chain Reaction Cycles for $57.45….

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Alienation BMX 2010 Product Preview

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Alienation BMX 2010 Product Preview

Sidewall Distribution is back with another stop and go video preview, this time we have a preview of the Alienation BMX 2010 Products. In this video, Alienation shows us rims (Black Sheep rim, 440, Skylark, Plain Black Rim, Deviant, and Runaway), tires (Differential tire, and Graffiti), grips which are known as the Ratchet and comes in pink, maroon, swirl play doh, purple, olive and gray, and lastly some bar ends. Enjoy the video.

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Bell Drop Helmet 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bell Drop Helmet 2010

bell drop helmet 2010   Bell Drop Helmet 2010

The bicycle helmet manufacture Bell is rolling out its Drop helmet with more style for 2010. Available in five graphic designs, the Bell Drop helmet is preferred by BMX, freeride, and downhill riders. The Drop features a fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor, comes equipped with seven ventilation slots, and carries a fair weight of 37 oz./1048g. Sizes are made available in small, medium, and large. Bell’s Drop helmet retails at a competitive price, $130. Not a bad price for protecting your dome piece.

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FBM Berzerker BMX Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FBM Berzerker BMX Frame

fbm berzerker bmx frame   FBM Berzerker BMX Frame

New from FBM is the Berzerker BMX Frame, which is now available for purchase. If you don’t know about the FBM Berzerker BMX Frame, here is a quick rundown: The FBM Berzerker is hand built, weighing in at 4.35 pounds, tight end, steep 75 degree headtube, and removable brake mounts. Released in blue and black, check out the headtube picture below.

Source: FBM

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Weeman Rides Fit Co BMX

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Weeman Rides Fit Co BMX

weeman rides fit co bmx   Weeman Rides Fit Co BMX

Dare devil Weeman from the hilarious stunt show Jackass recently picked up a 18″ Fit Co BMX bike. The BMC company Fit Co, though fairly new at producing complete bikes, is being widely embraced by BMX riders without much effort, partly due to the A-list of riders the company houses. Many questions have risen about whether or not Weeman can actually ride. His comment “I like my bike like my women – 18 “, has lead some to believe that his Fit BMX is no more than a mechanism for picking up the ladies. If that’s the case and he can’t ride, his willingness to take on risk should put him ahead of the learning curb if he so chooses to become the stunt man that he is with his 18″ Fit Co BMX bike.

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Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX

mirraco canvas 2010 bmx   Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX

Introducing the Mirraco Canvas 2010 BMX bike which is available in one colorway of white/lime and has a long list of cool specifications. Breaking down the Mirraco Canvas 2010 starting with the full heat treated frame with integrated head tube, 4 mm thick dropouts, and removable brake bosses and cable guides. Utilizing full crmo fork with alloy CNC cap, Black Label alloy rims, 3 piece crmo lite cranks, and a pivotal padded saddle. Weighing 25 pounds without pegs, while the Mirraco Canvas 2010 comes with one pair of steel pegs….

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Danny Macaskill Street Trials Bike Auction

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Danny Macaskill Street Trials Bike Auction

Danny MacAskill was made famous by placing his extreme stunts on Youtube, and from their his legacy started. One of his Street Trials Bike is up for auction on eBay to benefit BBC Children in Need. The video where the specific bike is up for auction has well over 12 million views on Youtube, and has even led Danny a commercial deal. The auction is live at eBay now, and ends November 27th 2009.

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