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Fly Racing Knee Guards

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fly Racing Knee Guards

fly racing knee guards   Fly Racing Knee GuardsDifferent athletes would need to protect the essential parts of their bodies that they use for the sport.  And for BMXers, among the important parts of their bodies are their knees and ankles.  Remember that shattered patella or knee cap may already stop you from riding.  So if you are a biker who has been trying out the extreme version of cycling, you may want to get your knee armor like Knee/Shin Guards made by Fly Racing to protect it from dangerous impacts. 

The good thing about Fly Racing Knee/Shin Guards is that it is made from plastic shell that will protect your knees properly from impacts.  If you will notice, other knee guards may only use foams and they may not have the total shock absorption to protect your needs.  Experts have made this product with their best skills in order to protect you and keep your riding passion alive.


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Teko Bicycling Socks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Teko Bicycling Socks

teko bicycling socks   Teko Bicycling SocksYou may not be fully aware of it but Teko is the brand you should be familiar with when it comes to socks. Not just for the mere protection it can give to your peddling feet, but most of all for the reason that they use recycled materials which make their products of high quality. They truly are one with the world’s fight for a better environment.

Don’t get it wrong. It does not mean that just because they are made out of recyclable materials, you would feel some old bits and pieces of tires or plastic bottles in its texture. What you will experience instead is a truly comfortable pair of socks for your feet to wear.

Teko bicycling socks can really make your feet feeling cool and extremely dry all the time. One of their additional features is the integration of air vents not to mention that smooth…

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Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

nike dunk low gyrizo acg bmx shoe   Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

Back in 2008, some Nike Dunk Lows known as the Gyrizo ACG were made for the BMXers during the Olympic events. Designed with a stiffer sole and clip in technology allowing efficient pedaling, but for everyday use the clip is removable. For those that are into sneakers, the Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG uses a speckled sole that are also seen on past Nike ACG. This pair also features a strap across the front, which has never been used on low versions. Since this pair is a sample, you will not be able to purchase in stores.

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TSG Kraken Anatomy Adaptable Helmet

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tsg kraken anatomy adaptable helmet   TSG Kraken Anatomy Adaptable Helmet

The Kraken Helmet is the latest innovative product from TSG. In the field of helmets, it is the first to be made that has a feature that can automatically adjust to the shape and size of the wearer.

The TSG technology is applied to optimize the helmet’s features to give you a better fit with superior protection. The helmet has a high density injected ABS shell and for more comfort, the FixTech system was employed.

The inside of the helmet is lined with EPS impact foam which is lightweight and are cut into sections. The multi EPS zones are responsible for the adaptability of the helmet to any head shape. They are tied to one another with straps. Each section has an allowance of 3/8 of an inch.

The Kraken also has 14 aerodynamic vents and a snap chin buckle. It has a three point strap adjustment which gives any wearer a snug…

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Haro Dennis Enarson Signature Frames

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Haro Dennis Enarson Signature Frames

haro   Haro Dennis Enarson Signature Frames

Haro Bikes will come out with new SD frames inspired by a young and talented rider named Dennis Enarson. The Dennis Enarson new signature frames are available in 20.8”, 21” and 21.5” top tubes. The head angle is 75 degrees and has a CHC machined drop out.

The frame already integrates the seat clamp and features fully removable brake mounts or tabs. Other specs include a 11.5 bottom bracket and a 13.75 rear center. The frame measures 8.6 inches for frame height. Without the brake mounts or tabs, the frame will weigh 4lbs 8oz.

The SD frames will be available in the middle of April. This will also coincide with Haro’s SD Downtown frames. This is basically the smaller version of the SD Frame. The SD Downtown frames come in sizes 20.25” and 20.5”. The two frames are sold in three colors and they are grape, silver and acid…

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We The People Will Release Sneakers – Almond

pinit fg en rect gray 20   We The People Will Release Sneakers   Almond

we the people release sneakers almond   We The People Will Release Sneakers   Almond

We the People is known for their BMX bikes, and is quite popular, but the company is pushing the bar and is getting ready to release BMX sneakers under the name Almond. This project has been kept under wraps for sometime, and finally we have a preview of whats to come. As of now, no information on release or retail is known, but the first model to release features red and grey, and is made up of suede. We can imagine since the bikes are strong, the sneakers will last as well.

Source: Defgrip

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Superstar BMX 2010 Plastic Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Superstar BMX 2010 Plastic Pedals

superstar bmx 2010 plastic pedals   Superstar BMX 2010 Plastic Pedals

Superstar BMX always aims to give its customers what they need. With three qualities, innovation, simplicity and technique, the results are quality products that are reasonably priced. For their 2010 catalog, they have released different types of products that will reach different kinds of cyclists. From conventional items to radical designed ones.

One of the new items is the Superstar’s PC Pedals which is now available in the United States market. With a standard square shape and PC body, the pedal has removable steel pins. It has a 9/16” Cro-mo axle and an axle cap with the Superstar logo branded on. It weighs only 410 grams or 14.6 oz.

The pedals are made to withstand hard riding without sacrificing the grip. They work much like metal pedals but are lighter to bring. Superstar BMX also offers plastic pedals with molded pins for cyclists who prefer plastic pedals all the way.


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