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Oakley Chrome BMX Arrays Sunglasses

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oakley Chrome BMX Arrays Sunglasses

oakley chrome bmx arrays   Oakley Chrome BMX Arrays SunglassesThis product was inspired by the decades of Oakley BMX frames back in the late 70′s and early 80′s. The latest design will surely, not only give you the ultimate rider look, but will definitely catch everyone else’s attention as well.

This new edition of Array is made of both a Jawbone and Radar frame. Each is paired with 3 matching lenses and an earsock to match the color of anodized parts back then which is also starting to come back as the latest fad.

In addition to this hip design, Oakley added the matte black color for the shade’s frame jaw to match those BMX tires nicely. The Oakley BMX Array comes in a custom Microclear storage bag which is also good for polishing the lenses and a case to store them in.

And when I said Array, it means this also comes with 3 lenses, one frame and multiple…

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Copenhagen UCI BMX Supercross World Cup

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Copenhagen UCI BMX Supercross World Cup

copenhagen uci bmx supercross world cup 213x300   Copenhagen UCI BMX Supercross World CupThe world’s best BMX Super Cross riders gather in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 7 and May 8, 2010 for the UCI BMX Super cross World Cup. A hundred and eighty riders from 22 countries are vying for victory and eligibility to the London 2012 Olympics. In July, the UCI BMX World Championships will be held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa after this Supercross World Cup event.

On Friday May 7, the favorites on the Men’s Category which will kick off with the qualifying time trials are; Connors Fields of USA, winner of the 2009 Chula Vista leg and runner up in the Madrid stop, Maris Strombergs (LAT), Olympic 2008 Champion and Sam Willoughby of Australia. Two other top favorites and contenders for this event, Donny Robinson (USA) and Ivo van der Putten (NED) will be missing the event. The finals will be on Saturday May 8.

For the Women’s category, Shanaze Reade…

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A $4 million Velodrome in South Carolina

pinit fg en rect gray 20   A $4 million Velodrome in South Carolina

a 4 million velodrome in south carolina 1 300x169   A $4 million Velodrome in South CarolinaRock Hill, South Carolina will soon be the site for a multi-million dollar velodrome, BMX Supercross track and a cyclocross course. The facilities will be open to the public with major construction of the new building will begin next year at the site which will be renamed Riverwalk. Come later this spring, a walking trail will emerge along the riverbank where once Catawba Indians walked.

Mayor Doug Echols of Rock Hill expresses his excitement over the project. The site was where a Celanese industrial plant once stood. The 1,000-acre land will also include construction of houses, shops and restaurants.

“This is a tremendously exciting project. It is really transformational. Along with the other venues, I think it affords us an opportunity to truly be a cycling center for the East Coast,” said Mayor Echols.

The new cycling center will be subsidized by the hospitality and special tax districts of the city. This will…

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Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2010 Schedule

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2010 Schedule

gatorade free flow tour 2010 schedule 229x300   Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2010 ScheduleThe Gatorade Free Flow Tour announces its BMX schedule for 2010 in search for the best BMX amateur riders. The Tour will include 17 BMX park and dirt competitions across 16 parks. It will begin on May 22 in Rye, N.H. at Rye Airfield. Qualified contestants must be 21 years or younger, male or female, across all disciplines. For those under 18 years, they must bring a parent or guardian to sign a liability waiver. There will be an entry fee of $15.

This year’s Free Flow Tour includes BMX dirt into its roster of disciplines. This is its debut in the Tour and will be commemorated by having three BMX dirt races in California, Oregon and Ohio.

Gatorade’s Action Sports Team Manager Kenny Mitchell shares the good news on BMX dirt. “We are excited about the stellar park lineup for the upcoming season of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. And the…

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Bebop VP59 Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bebop VP59 Pedals

bebop vp59 pedals   Bebop VP59 Pedals

Bebop exposed new flat pedals at the 2010 Sea Otter Classic. The VP59 is the result of Bebop’s initiative to research on the basic qualities BMXers want in a pedal. Bebop found out that most riders remove the center pins of their pedals. Because of this, Bebop decided to design the VP59 without your typical webbing and with material that functions to help hold in place additional pins on the flat pedals.

Weighing 365 grams per pair, the VP59 only has five pins per side, three in front and two in the rear. It has a low stack height of 7.5mm and a full length Cro-Mo axle. The bushing is self-lubricating central/inner LSL.

The pedal has an extruded aluminum body and outer sealed cartridge bearing. It retails for $85 and comes in colors of blue, light blue, pink, purple, black, silver white, yellow, green and red.

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Nike 6.0 Insurgent

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike 6.0 Insurgent

nike 6 0 insurgent   Nike 6.0 InsurgentHave you always been a fan of Nike? If you are, then you should know about the different classifications of the various Nike shoes made specifically for different sports or hobbies. If you happen to be into cycling, then you would love wearing the Nike 6.0 Air Insurgent for men.

In fact, this pair is also perfect for the true blue skateboarder, the snowboard fanatic or the bike lovers. It has its own way of making your feet feeling not just comfortable but also well styled and fully protected no matter what kind of sport you are into.

Many biking and skating professionals are amazed with its hidden lace system which helps in avoiding your shoe strings from commonly being frayed on tape or even dangling with chainrings. It gives your feet enough air to breathe with its tongue being made out of mesh especially if you are…

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BMX Masters 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   BMX Masters 2010

BMX Masters 2010 300x191   BMX Masters 2010

The BMX Masters 2010 lives up to its motto of ‘getting better and better every year.’ On July 16 to 18, the Cologne Jugendpark at Germany will be filled by about 300 riders from all over the world with half of them to be Pro riders. The event will have prize money of 15,000€ spread out to three disciplines namely Dirt, Super-Ramp and Park.

Originally, there were five disciplines but organizers Rockstar Energy Drink decided to cut it down to three. This was done so there will be more time and freedom for everybody to prioritize the needs of the riders like practice-time. This will also ensure a smoother flow of the contest.

The Halfpipe, which is popular to the younger generation, was deemed not to be cut out for the highly awaited event. The organizers are considering the return of the Vert-ramp should there be a major demand for it….

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