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Renthal MTB and BMX Components

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Renthal MTB and BMX Components

renthal mtb and bmx components 300x39   Renthal MTB and BMX Components

Renthal crosses over to cycling from the motocross world with a new range of mountain and bmx bike components. Providing quality products at all times, the new products are made to last.

The Renthal Strata Duo MTB Stem is machined in two parts giving you unlimited access to the core of the stem. This also makes it quite light yet durable with 6082 T6 aluminum alloy. It also features a U-shape cradle clamp to manage stress from your ride. It weighs 137 grams with bolts. Price is £79.99.

The Renthal BMX Chainrings got its inspiration from Renthal’s motocross sprockets. 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and Ultralite™ design is what makes it durable and light. It has a 23.8mm axle hole with alloy adaptos for 29mm and 22mm axles. Price for SR4 Ultralite™ Alloy Chainring is £39.99.

The Renthal Fatbar Riser Bar has a 31.8mm clamping diameter and is available in two bends. Made from…

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Odyssey Convertible Seat Post

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Odyssey Convertible Seat Post

odyssey convertible seat post   Odyssey Convertible Seat Post

In this video, Nuno Oliveira sits down and talks about the new Odyssey Convertible Seat Post, which can change from a railed seat, Pivotal seat to lean forward or backwards, and use with a frame with a built in pivotal post. Available to the public shortly, colors releasing are gold, black, white and high polish. Retail price is about $35.

Source: Transworld

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Mirraco 2011 BMX Bikes Sneak Peak

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mirraco 2011 BMX Bikes Sneak Peak

mirraco 2011 bmx bikes sneak peak   Mirraco 2011 BMX Bikes Sneak Peak

Mirraco BMX is starting to roll out the 2011 bikes, and unfortunately very little details are available. As you can see, a group shot was taken, and the Mirraco 2011 BMX bikes are being put into catalog form as we speak. Using bright colors combined very nicely, while two models known are the eDIT and Bronson. Click below to see the rest of the images.

Via Transworld

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Calar Mid BMX Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Calar Mid BMX Shoes

calar mid bmx shoes 300x156   Calar Mid BMX Shoes

Wethepeople, German BMX innovators, famous for its quality products, merged resources and creative ideas with Vans to produce a BMX shoe that could perform on the bike, but at the same time, fashionable enough to be worn all day. Just in time as the summer season is about to set in, Vans is happy to release the Calar Mid, a special shoe for all BMX riders and fans.

The Calar Mid, is sleek with a slim mid-top, which highlights better comfort and ankle support using the innovative idea of a die-cut EVA mid-sole. The outer sole applies to the ever popular sticky gum rubber of Vans, known for its effective pedal grip with three molded channels on the forefoot for better flexibility while off the road.

Vans maintained its strict appearance of its products by matching the colors applied on the 2010 product line of Wethepeople and wrapping it up with the…

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Black Mamba Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Black Mamba Forks

black mamba forks 300x172   Black Mamba Forks

The Black Mamba forks from Volume Bikes prove to be one of its strongest yet lightest forks. Volume created the forks from 4130 chromoly and had it undergo a 20/20 heat-treating process for a stronger finish. It has a 1-1/8” threadless steerer tube with a built-in crown race for 45º x 45º bearings. The steerer tube extends to 167mm.

The Black Mamba forks also have 4mm dropouts and peg cut-outs. It has 11/8” O.D. legs and comes with an alloy 3/8” ratchet hole compression bolt. The Black Mamba forks weigh 29.8 oz. and are available in black and white colorways. …

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Countour HD Helmet Camera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Countour HD Helmet Camera

countour hd helmet camera   Countour HD Helmet Camera

Riders who love to capture their adventures on camera can now try the Countour HD Helmet Camera, the latest helmet camera offered by VholdR.

Its design uses the same framework of its predecessor but with a few modifications to the design itself. High definition capability and a wide-angle lens option have been added to the updated recording device, resulting in crisp, 135 degree field view footage.

Like a cellphone, this unit also uses a rechargeable cell-phone style lithium ion battery pack. The whole unit is aided by two rotating lens mounted to a rotating bezel in on the front of the camera.

When using, attach the camera on your helmet or handlebar, then square up its two lasers with the horizon. Once you’ve got it dialed in, flip the big, easy-to-use magnetic switch to begin recording.

This camera can record up to a 16:9 aspect ratio and 30 frames per second, resulting…

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Deco BMX 2010 Products

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Deco BMX 2010 Products

new deco products 1 300x200   Deco BMX 2010 ProductsChad DeGroot has come up with a top of the line product for Deco. Currently released by Deco are frames, bars, forks and small components.

The Deco Self Titled Frame has a 74.5 head tube, a 71 seat tube and a rear end of 13.5 inches. The frame, which weighs 4lbs 15 oz (20.5 version), features a 11.87 MID bottom bracket height. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The sizes available are 20”, 20.5” and 21”. The colors now available are Raw, Black and Grey. There it also comes in Raw for custom painting. The frame has a $329.95 price tag.

Not to be left unnoticed is the Deco FuForks with steep 28mm rake FuForks and removable 990 tabs. It features a remarkable 1 piece machined steer, CR-MO blades and a full heat-treated CR-MO dropout at only a weight of 32.8 ounces. Its .8 oz. Compression bolt…

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