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Eastern Bikes 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eastern Bikes 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition

eastern bikes 2011 grim reaper eternal edition   Eastern Bikes 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition

First launched in 2007 as the Grim Reaper, Eastern Bikes reintroduces its model for 2011 as the Grim Reaper Eternal Edition.

The 2011 Eastern Bikes Grim Reaper Eternal Edition brings the same qualities as the original Grim Reaper but updated with integrated chain tensioners within the drop outs, Lowboy seat clamp, Helix down tube and a wider bottom bracket.

The 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition weighs in at 4.3 pounds and will be available soon at Eastern Bike retailers.

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Carnac Hades Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Carnac Hades Helmet

carnac hades helmet   Carnac Hades Helmet

Carnac’s first venture in head gear is its Hades helmet. Aimed to be used for all types of riding, the shape and design is uniquely its own.

The Carnac Hades helmet has a removable visor, carbon reinforcements on the outside of the shell and a per notch adjustable system at the back to make the helmet fit perfectly. The inner shell is fortified with its one of a kind helmet cut to keep the styrofoam pads from coming off.

The gel pads inside the Hades helmet are cut and placed strategically to increase ventilation and air flow. Sizes available are 52-58 and 55-62 along with four colors to choose from.

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Kenda K-Rad Tires

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Kenda K Rad Tires

kenda k rad tires 255x300   Kenda K Rad Tires

The K-Rad tire from Kenda was designed for multiple use like ramp, street or dirt riding. It has Kevlar built in for protection with 60 tpi construction.

Weighing in at about 14 oz., the K-Rad comes in various sizes from 1.95 to 2.35. Versions available for this multi-purpose tire are wire and folding.

The Kenda K-rad has the SRC stamp that features low rolling resistance, tread longevity and extreme durability to meet the demands of any discipline in the sport.

Tire pressure goes from 65ps to 80 psi, depending on which size or version you get. MSRP ranges from $16.99 for sizes of 1.75, 1.95 and 2.125 in 20″ tires (wire) to $24.99 for sizes 1.75, 1.95, 2.125 and 2.30 in 24″ tires (folding)….

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2011 POC Receptor Flow and Receptor+ Helmets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 POC Receptor Flow and Receptor+ Helmets

2011 poc receptor flow and receptor helmets 1 257x300   2011 POC Receptor Flow and Receptor+ Helmets

The POC 2011 line-up reintroduces the Receptor+ helmet and Receptor Flow models. The POC Receptor+ is a four-season item, which can be used for winter, bike, water and skateboards sports. It features a patented VDSAP system that includes a multi-purpose liner.

In addition to its versatility, the Receptor+ is extremely durable with its double overlapping shells that features an in-molded Aramid barrier. Multi-impact SEPP liner is embedded with a penetration-proof ventilation system, which allows smooth airflow in between the two shells of the helmet. It comes in black, red, white and green colors.

The POC Receptor Flow helmet uses a Receptor+ shell and has an EPS liner inside for protection. Lightweight and well ventilated, it has a slim design as preferred by most BMX riders. There’s a PC inmould shell just below the outer shell for added protection and a visor attachment rig. It comes in six colors (white, black,…

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2011 Eclat BMX Tires: Escape, Controle, Comand

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Eclat BMX Tires: Escape, Controle, Comand

2011 eclat bmx tires 1 300x191   2011 Eclat BMX Tires: Escape, Controle, Comand

Three new tires will be released in January-February 2011 from Eclat BMX. These are Escape, Controle and Comand. All of the models come in options of black, white or skin colored walls and have 120 tpi construction. The sizes available are 2.1 and 2.3.

Escape is a tire built for a smooth and fast ride over wood and pavement. It has the lowest rolling resistance over the rest of the new models. With square-cut lines and side grip divisions for wear and tear protection, the Escape has a flat profile made for a great ride.

Controle is best for all-around street and ramp. The wide center promotes fast rolling speeds while keeping maximum slip resistance with its side wall contours.

Comand features aggressive patterns for deep digging of the trail. It has a solid and bulky profile, which can take on rugged terrain and step heights.

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Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

shadow conspiracy vultus forks 300x103   Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

The Vultus fork from Shadow Conspiracy is one of the companies newest products for 2011. It features a lightweight heat treated tapered tubing and is available in six colors (highlighter blue, highlighter yellow, red, white, purple and black). Made of 4130 Sanko chromoly, fluted and butted, the Vultus weighs 29.8 oz.

Shadow Conspiracy saw to it that strength and quality is evident on the Vultus with 6061 hard anodized alloy top cap and a one piece steer tube. For more responsive steering, there’s a 26mm offset and 4mm thick dropouts.

To make the fork unique, Shadow Conspiracy added a stamped out Vultus coffin detail and two indentations as a guide for cutting the steer tube. The Vultus retails at $129.99.

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2011 Redline Proline Series

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Redline Proline Series

2011 redline proline series   2011 Redline Proline Series

Not long ago we shared the 2011 Flight series from Redline, and now we share with you the 2011 Redline Proline series, a step down from the Flight models.

Just like the Flight series, the Redline 2011 Proline series features 9 bikes, which are the Proline Pro 24, Proline Pro XL, Proline Pro, Proline Expert XL, Proline Expert, Proline Junior, Proline Micro, Proline Mini, and the Proline Pitboss.

The line comes in all sizes, and for the most part similar materials and components. For example, the frames for the 2011 Proline series is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, and the forks are Chromoly (some are butted).

Although the 2011 Proline is a step down from Redline’s Flight series, both feature some of the same components and geometry. With that said, the Proline is still a top tier bmx racing bike.

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