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2011 Dartmoor FUSION Seatpost

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Dartmoor FUSION Seatpost

2011 dartmoor fusion seatpost   2011 Dartmoor FUSION Seatpost

Like any other seatpost, the Dartmoor Fusion is made for the best quality outcome.

It is made lighter to provide more flexibility and comfort when racing. 130mm and 200mm length, the 2011 Dartmoor Fusion is an improved quality pivotal seatpost made of 6061-T6 aluminum with diameters of 25.4mm and 27.2mm to choose from.

It comes in seven attractive colors. The 2011 version is fully colored unlike the 2010 version which wasn’t.

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Sunday BMX Jake Seeley Forecaster Frames

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sunday BMX Jake Seeley Forecaster Frames

Sunday BMX Jake Seeley Forecaster Frames   Sunday BMX Jake Seeley Forecaster Frames

Sunday Bikes has joined forces with Jake Seeley in giving fans a new color for the exciting Sunday Forecaster Frames. Seeley was shown in several photos sporting a ketchup red Sunday Forecaster frame.

While the additional color might have Seeley fans looking for these frames, Sunday Bikes is still assuring everybody that the high performance of these frames remain intact.

The Forecaster frames are lighter than ever thanks to both the Director-style wishbones design and the 41-Thermal treatment that makes it easier to maneuver the bike whenever and wherever.

The Forecaster also boasts of rustproofed insides as well as exteriors made possible with a special treatment of Black Thermal Coating, the best anti-corrosion process in the world.

While originally sold only with a Purple color, the red Forecasters are a welcome color in the looks department for Sunday bikes. For further technical review the Red Forecaster Frames weighs 4.63 lbs. with 75°…

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Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet   Bern Brentwood Bike Helmet

The Bern Brentwood bike helmet is definitely the Brad Pitt of bike helmets and not only does it look absolutely good, it also ranks high on durability and weight.

Let’s discuss all the key details and features that make it stand out in a crowd of hopefuls and wannabe bike helmets.

First, the Bern Brentwood is lightweight. And it does so thanks to the technology built in it by Bern. The helmet is made of a lightweight PVC shell with Zipmold, a type of seamless liquid foam tech that boasts the strength to weight ration of the protective helmet. It also features a Sink Fit helmet design that provides a great and low profile fit for your head.

The Bern Brentwood also literally lives up to being cool thanks to the aerodynamic air channels in the front and the back of the bike to make it a more comfortable experience wearing the…

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2011 Wethepeople Royal V2.0 Crank

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wethepeople Royal V2.0 Crank

2011 wethepeople royal v2.0 crank   2011 Wethepeople Royal V2.0 Crank

Quality is of the essence when it comes to cranks. And Wethepeople gives us the assurance that they have delivered quality cranks all these years. The 2011 Royal V2.0 Crank is here to live up to what Wethepeople has assured us.

The Royal V2.0 crank has a better and improved crank arm shape with a lightweight bottle spindle. It comes with fitting and removal tools with extra bolt holes for sprockets less than 23t. In full 4130 CrMo tubing, liquid post heat-treated, the Royal crank has a spindle of 19mm 4130 CrMo. The 175mm crank arm weighs 311g and the hardened CrMo butted spindle weighs 216g.

Comes in five different colors to serve you best in providing what you need in the style department.

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2011 Eastern Bikes Nightwasp Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Eastern Bikes Nightwasp Bike

2011 eastern bikes nightwasp bike   2011 Eastern Bikes Nightwasp Bike

Before anyone could become a pro, everybody must start at the beginning as a beginner. And the 2011 Nightwasp bike is perfectly designed for beginners who wants to learn the ride of BMX.  

It is a great quality bike with a 1020 steel Nightwasp frame, boasting of high-tensile strength, along with 1020 Nightwasp forks of high-tensile strength. Built with 175mm Eastern shaft cranks, 3pc tubular chromoly heat-treated, it features a 45/45 internal sealed bearing headset. Comes in two colors to choose from – white matt and black matt.

NEW! Eastern Phorcys 25T steel

Eastern Curb Monkey 20″ x 2.3″ OEM Version

Eastern Curb Monkey 20″ x 2.3″ OEM Version

Forged Alloy U-Brake / Straight Cable /Forged Alloy lever, Designed for U-Brakes

Nitrous Forged Alloy Clamp

Forged Alloy Front Load

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2011 Wethepeople Avenger 24”

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wethepeople Avenger 24”

2011 wethepeople avenger 24   2011 Wethepeople Avenger 24”

As Wethepeople Bike Company has said—nothing could be more flexible than its 2011 Avenger 24”. You can ride it anyway you’d like, a cruiser? Have it your way.

Designed with a full CrMo frameset that handles like a 20” when pushed, it features a butted down tube and tapered forks of 4130 CrMo fork with a 1pc bulged CrMo steerer.

Built with éclat Gonzo pivotal and éclat Surge PC pedals, all driven by that 25t/10t gearing, the 2011 Wethepeople Avenger 24” comes with Odyssey tires, Salt Plus CNC’d sprocket and stem and double wall rims all round.

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2011 WeThePeople Scorpio Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 WeThePeople Scorpio Frame

2011 scorpio frame   2011 WeThePeople Scorpio Frame

Built with an alloy of butted seamless 4130 chromium and molybdenum tubing, the 2011 WeThePeople Scorpio frame, weighs 2.32kg (5.11lbs) with a CNC machined and heat treated headtube. The frame is specially made with new and improved replacement brake hardware that comes with an invest cast WeThePeople slim seatclamp. The tapered downtube of 34mm to 38mm at the headtube is made stronger.

This is another masterpiece from WeThePeople Bike Company. The Scorpio frame is more than just a frame that could capture the eyes of BMX riders.

Coming in four different colors such as flat black, matt pearl red, matt pearl teal and matt gold, the WeThePeople Scorpio frame is one of the frames to watch out for in 2011.

20.25″, 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″ or 21.25″

13.25″ (20.25″TT, 20.5″TT, 20.75″TT & 21″TT), 13.75″ (21.25″TT) (exact for 25/9t)

HT: 75°, ST: 71°

lasercut, 5mm, 4130 crmo, heat-treated

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