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Haro BMX Bike History

Haro Bikes also known as Haro BMX is an American company that manufactures high-quality BMX bicycles. It was founded in 1978 by Bob Haro, and began with him producing number plates for BMX bikes in his bedroom. Demand for the plates grew, and Haro had to expand. The company was first called Haro Designs, and was formed in 1980 in Torrance, California.
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Bob Haro, nicknamed “The Father of Freestyle,” used to travel around the US performing demos of tricks which people had not seen before. Haro Bikes began to grow rapidly in the early eighties, as a result of the BMX boom. During this time, they also expanded their product line and established national and international distribution.

Haro’s most popular BMX/Freestyle models early on were the Master and the Sport. Now, there are several different BMX models, including the 2009, 2009 24”, F1, F16, F18, Forum Counterpart, Forum Intro, Forum Pro, Group 1 SR Expert, and many, many more. Haro Bikes is now recognized as one of the top brands for BMX and freestyle bicycles.