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GT BMX Bike History

vintage gt bmx bike   GT BMX BikesGT Bicycles was founded by Gary Turner, a welding engineer, and a bike shop owner named Richard Long. The company is named GT after Gary Turner’s initials. GT bicycles’ mission at first was to produce BMX bicycles. In the 1970′s, turners son was participating in the sport of BMX racing. Turner had noticed that the bicycles used were heavy and fragile, so he began to weld frames for his son, building off of his experience with chromoly tubing in the drag racing industry.

Richard Long took notice in 1974, and he asked Turner if he could act as a retailer for GT bikes. Turner accepted the offer, and thus GT bikes was born. GT merged with Schwinn in 1998, but went under in 2001. Pacific Cycle acquired GT bikes after that, and they were then taken over by Dorel Industries in 2004. GT has since acquired Dyno Products and Robinson Racing.

gt bmx bike race   GT BMX BikesEarly GT BMX bicycles were very easily recognizable, having a top tube that bisected the seat tube and stuck out towards the rear about an inch and a half, which is claimed to reduce vibration transferred to the seat from the rear wheel. Eventually, the GT logo was stamped on the end of the tube.

GT BMX bike line is made up of models such as the Interceptor, Mach One, Pro Series, Power Series, and Speed Series. GT bikes also has several teams which compete in BMX competitions, and also mountain and road competitions. These teams are the GT BMX race team, GT BMX freestyle team, GT Mountain Team, GT Road team, and the GT Co-Factory team.