pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 GT Zaskar Sport Mountain Bike

2012 gt zaskar sport mountain bike   2012 GT Zaskar Sport Mountain Bike

For those who are looking for a mountain bike that they can use for a lifetime, the new Zaskar Sport is an excellent choice. Released by GT Bicycles for 2012, this mountain bike combines light weight with superb durability, strength, and stiffness.

Built from a hydroformed 6061-T6 aluminum frame, the Zaskar Sport is not only a lightweight bike that guarantees speed on the trail. This trail bike provides a responsive and stiff ride and a competitive performance, as well.

With high-quality Tektro and Shimano components, the 2012 GT Zaskar Sport Mountain

Bike can tackle intense rides

on the trail. Other trail-specific features include its WTB Silverado Comp saddle, Maxxis tires, and All Terra alloy hubs and seat post.

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