pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Gazelle Friiik Hybrid Bike

2012 gazelle friiik hybrid bike   2012 Gazelle Friiik Hybrid Bike


or riders who are looking for a different machine, Gazelle Cycles has created a revolutionary hybrid bike called Friiik for 2012. Included in its unique design is its modern frame and single-sided rear wheel suspension.

Through the innovativeness and ingenuity of Gazelle, the Friiik was crafted by combining the advantages of a derailleur and hub gear systems. What makes this hybrid bike hassle-free and incredibly strong is its metal chain guard. With its ground-breaking patented gear-shift system, this bike offers both low

maintenance and the best possible convenience.

Radically designed and

constructed, the 2012 Gazelle Friiik Hybrid Bike is an amazing breakthrough for the cycling market. It will be available in black for men and white for women.

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