pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Whyte Coniston Hybrid Road Bike

2012 whyte coniston hybrid road bike   2012 Whyte Coniston Hybrid Road Bike

Whyte Bikes has reintroduced its popular bikes for 2012, such as its hybrid road bike called Coniston. Crafted

to be very versatile, this updated hybrid bike is highly competent when it comes to tackling all terrains, making it a favorite of off-road riders.

Aside from its impressive aesthetics, the Coniston is a reliable hybrid road bike that features several high-quality components from FSA, SRAM, Avid, and Shimano. Its hydroformed aluminum frame makes it lightweight but still incredibly strong.

Sporting a satin granite color, the 2012 Whyte Coniston Hybrid Road Bike is very classy and sleek. Also, this affordable hybrid bike guarantees excellent performance and unmatched handling. For those who are fond of all-day rides on the trail and on the road, this is the ideal companion.