pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Mammut Aegility Base Layer

2012 mammut aegility base layer   2012 Mammut Aegility Base Layer

Mammut has unveiled a new range of cycling apparel that uses Polartec PowerDry fabric, which includes a base layer for men called Aegility. This cycling-specific fabric, which has a bi-component construction, makes this base layer an ideal garment for demanding rides.

According to Mammut, the Polartec PowerDry fabric guarantees excellent wicking action and efficiently keeps the rider’s skin dry. Thus, the Aegility is a very helpful base layer during summer and all-day cycling when riders are prone to profuse sweating.

For an efficient and close fit, the 2012 Mammut Aegility Base Layer also features 80% polyamide plus 20% elastane stretch inserts. The rest of the base layer is 100% polyester, which offers an anti-microbial treatment.