pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Mammut Active Base Layer

   2012 Mammut Active Base Layer

For riders who are looking for cycling apparel, one of the highly recommended garments is the new base layer called Active, which has been released by Mammut for 2012. This antimicrobial base

layer helps efficiently get rid of bad odors.

Highly breathable, the Polartec Powerdry fabric of the Active is ideally worn during all-day rides and under hot conditions. Also, this fabric comes with elastic inserts and offers outstanding protection from obnoxious sunrays with its built-in UPF 15.

The 2012 Mammut Active Base Layer is for those who wants to enjoy the outdoors with impressive fashion and free from hassle. With flat-lock stitching, the base layer offers maximum comfort, athletic cut, and excellent fit.