pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Moda Senza Titanium Track Racing Road Bike

2012 moda senza titanium track racing road bike   2012 Moda Senza Titanium Track Racing Road Bike

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For those who are looking for rare titanium frames, Moda Bikes has released a new titanium road bike called Senza. While the Senza is designed to be an extremely lightweight titanium track bike, its superb strength and durability were not compromised, making it the ideal track racing machine.

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With slightly relaxed geometry and narrow tubes, the Senza is ideal for endurance track cycling. However, the American Classic Road 420 aero track wheelset makes casino pa natet it very versatile so it is recommended for mountain bike riders, tour cyclists, and daily commuters as well.

Moda Bikes has successfully reached its goal in making good-looking and world-class bikes with the 2012 Moda Senza Titanium Track Racing Road Bike. Weighing in at 6.8kg, the Senza also features high-quality Barelli handlebars, saddle, stem and seat post.