pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Howies Brenin Mountain Bike Jacket

2012 01 10 howies brenin jacket   2012 Howies Brenin Mountain Bike Jacket

A brand new mountain bike jacket called Brenin has been unveiled by Howies for 2012. Inner collar lined with tricot, this jacket offers maximum comfort and warmth when mountain biking. Unrestricted movement is also guaranteed by its stretchy material in the side panels and arms.

Aside from keeping the riders warm when riding at night, the Brenin also has reflective bars on the side panel and cuffs, which enhance visibility in the dark. An earphone cable slot is featured by His questions are endless, because little personality of is extremely inquisitive about everything in this world and think that their parents are the best encyclopedia. its outer zipped chest pocket. When the jacket is not in use, it is easy to store it in a small space.

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Stylish and tough, the 2012 Howies Brenin Mountain Bike Jacket is a great garment on the trail. Furthermore, this cycling jacket is economically friendly since it uses 80% recycled polyester and 20% polyester, which also makes it perfect during spring.

2012 howies brenin mountain bike jacket 2   2012 Howies Brenin Mountain Bike Jacket