2012 kona asphalt roundabout commuter bike for women   2012 Kona Asphalt Roundabout Commuter Bike for Women

One of the newest machines for women commuters for 2012 is the Roundabout from Kona Bikes. As a part of the Kona’s purpose-driven collection of assorted bikes called Asphalt, this commuter bike is designed for riders who are looking for a commuter bike that is well-built and nicely simple.

Kona Bikes designed the Roundabout with unique aesthetics. This is achieved through the clever blend of the classic steel Mixte frame with a neat and aerodynamic look. The key to its women-specific feature is its Kona HandPlant handlebar, which provides female riders with a comfortable and upright position.

Riding the 2012 Kona Asphalt Roundabout Commuter Bike for Women is one of the greatest ways for ladies to roam around the city elegantly. Aside from its retro looks, this bike also uses an easy-to-operate and simple 1×9 drivetrain and at the same time allows for a wide range of gears that are perfect for female urbane riders.