2012 blank verse bmx bike   2012 Blank Verse BMX Bike

Included in the new range of BMX bikes released by Blank Bikes for 2012 is the Verse. This bike has everything that riders need to prepare for the modern standards of BMX riding. Park and street ready, the Verse has a gyro braking system that allows riders to do tail whips and bar spins more effectively.

Among all the models in the 2012 BMX range of Blank Bikes, the Verse is the first full street/skatepark bicycle that comes with a pair of stunt pegs that riders will surely find helpful when hitting up the ramps or streets with slogs and more optional tricks.

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Very lightweight, the 2012 Blank Verse BMX Bike is a solid bike that makes it a lot easier to do jumps. Its light weight goes along with more compact, less material, and a small chain wheel since it features a special rear wheel that allows for the use of even sprockets.

2012 blank verse bmx bike 2   2012 Blank Verse BMX Bike