pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Blank Diablo BMX Bike

2012 blank diablo bmx bike   2012 Blank Diablo BMX Bike

Blank Bikes has unveiled the top model of its new range of BMX bikes for 2012. This top-of-the-range bike called Diablo has some great updates to pride itself on. First off, this bike offers an enhanced power against slogs and wear, thanks to its half link chain.

Completely built from chromoly steel, the lightweight frame, fork, handlebars, and cranks of the Diablo are really hard to break. Moreover, these chromoly steel parts are proven to last for several years. Thus, this cost-effective machine offers the performance that is as close as that of a pro bike.

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All the bearings on the 2012 Blank Diablo BMX Bike are sealed. This means that the rider gets the smoothest rolling possible, making the ride perfectly hassle-free. Lastly, the Diablo comes in black with red details, making it a quite good-looking BMX machine.