pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Orange ST4 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 orange st4 mountain bike frame   2012 Orange ST4 Mountain Bike Frame

One of the latest mountain bike frames released by Orange Bikes for 2012 is the ST4. Designed for standard cross-country riders in mind, the frame offers a responsive trail handling and efficient pedaling. It guarantees speed during descents as well.

In order to create a very smooth 110mm of travel, a low leverage ratio is used by the ST4. It runs running a 190mm custom tuned Fox RP23 shock instead of a shorter 165 mm shock. With a single pivot linkage actuated design, a flawlessly controlled progressive 100mm of travel is achieved.

With its excellent short travel and weight, the 2012 Orange ST4 Mountain Bike Frame is the ideal platform on which riders can put their own specs together. In terms of geometry, the frame features a classic that is updated with the lateral stiffness of the chassis and an integrated linkage development.