pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Motobecane Nemesis Triathlon Bike

2012 motobecane nemesis triathlon bike   2012 Motobecane Nemesis Triathlon Bike

For 2012, Motobecane has reintroduced its triathlon bike called Nemesis with some improvements to tackle the standards of professional triathletes. Manufactured from aero section Z-Matrix Alpha tubing, the main triangle of the frame is made more lightweight and it features a more compliant ride.

Crafted with a highly advanced design, the Shimano Aero 700c wheels feature medium-section rims and incredibly fast-rolling high-pressure tires. Power transfer is made more efficient by its new 78 degree seat tube angle. Each tube, as wells as the seat stays, is made aero.

Included in the new improvements of the 2012 Motobecane Nemesis Triathlon Bike are its enhanced speed and more aerodynamics from its frame and fork. Also new is its aero-section seat-post, which is created from advanced composite carbon fiber.