pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame

2012 giant reign x mountain bike frame   2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame

A high-quality frame for mountain bike riders called Reign X has been released by Giant Bicycles for 2012. Built for rough trails, the Reign X is reinforced with a FluidForm ALUXX SL aluminum frameset and a dynamic Maestro 6.7in suspension travel.

While the frame is aggressive enough to tackle all-mountain terrains, its weight is kept low to make climbing steeps easier. Included in the upgrades of this new frame are its secure geometry and sharper handling as well as enhanced cornering capabilities and torsional stiffness.

With the Reign X, riders do not have to worry about sharp drops and other trail obstacles, such as slack rocks and slippery roots. Since trails have extreme demands, it takes an extreme machine such as the 2012 Giant Reign X Mountain Bike Frame to tackle them with confidence.