pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Whyte 29er Bikes

2012 whyte 29er bikes   2012 Whyte 29er Bikes

Whyte has added three 29er bikes to its 2012 range with two carbon models, the 29er CS and 29er C, and one aluminum, the 829. The carbon fiber frame made for these bikes is one of the best 29er hadtails on the market in terms of aesthetics.

Not only is the frame designed to offer maximum comfort. It can provide the best power transfer as well. Moreover, this high performance frame guarantees slab-sided chainstays, nerve-racking huge bottom bracket junction, and huge square profiled downtube.

With the Press Fit BB30, both the bottom bracket and the downtube of the 2012 Whyte 29er Bikes are made as wide as possible. From the tapered head tube to the carbon dropouts, there is a visual link created by the top tube, which flawlessly flows into the slender seat stays.

2012 whyte 29er bikes 2   2012 Whyte 29er Bikes